Meet TGB at Annapoorna - ANUFOOD India & taste the Indibites Chaska

Explore a wide range of ready-to-cook meals
Meet TGB at Annapoorna - ANUFOOD India & taste the Indibites Chaska
Photo - TGB

Indibites is an initiative led by food and hospitality giant, The Grand Bhagwati (TGB). Founded in 2019, Indibites aims to serve the young and busy generation who love food but also have to manage their hectic schedules. Speaking about their company, Shraddha Jani, Manager - corporate communication, shares, “With our Ready-to-Cook food, our goal is to make their lives easier and filled with tempting & fresh flavors. We serve a wholesome range of ready-to-cook food: snacks, sabzis, gravies, bread, desserts, and halwa.”

As a brand, The Grand Bhagwati believes in catering to the three standards in food.

  • Hygiene

  • Innovation

  • High-Quality

According to Jani, one ingredient that plays a significant role in bringing success to its brand is the state-of-the-art kitchen, which follows the BRC standards. “Only 1% of the total production units in the world are BRC certified. This factor makes the brand stand out as one of the most hygienic, safe, and quality food manufacturing units. We use automated machinery in our production units to ensure minimal human touch to the food. And to maintain the safety & higher quality standards, we have an in-house microbial and sterile laboratory.”

Speedy recovery indeed

Jani shares that the company has faced a downfall due to the pandemic. She says, “Many businesses even went through a high recession, but fortunately, we survived that phase and continued to serve delicious food to our consumers. Since the situation is in very much control now and the F&B market is recovering with a good speed, it would not take a lot of time for us to recover and get back on a faster track fully.”

The Grand Bhagwati at Annapoorna – ANUFOOD India

The Grand Bhagwati is participating in the upcoming trade show Annapoorna – ANUFOOD India. The company plans to display its whole Indibites exclusive ready-to-cook menu: snacks, sabzis, gravies, bread, desserts, and halwa.

Jani states that ANUFOOD is a well-known, prominent, credible food exhibition organized for years. A lot of brands have achieved their higher goals through ANUFOOD. “Experts from the world come there. ANUFOOD is a great platform to create a strong network for Indibites. We believe that we have a significant taste in our recipes which the world would love to taste, so we are choosing ANUFOOD as our platform for the same,” she adds.

Talking about the expectation from the show, she shares that the concept of frozen & ready-to-cook meals is very prominent in other countries due to their easy-making process and lesser time-consuming process. People are used to this concept. Elaborating further, she adds, “We want to serve them authentic and delicious Indian flavors in the form of ready-to-cook food. The ready-to-cook food is our expertise and we aim to ace it in the world, which would be possible when we meet experts and people from the world at ANUFOOD and create a strong network with them.”

Leaping further

In the coming years, TGB aims to create global consumers and expand its business in India and other countries. “We have a great team of experts who manages production. We want to expand our team with more such experts and let the world taste the Indian Indibites Chaska,” concludes Jani.

Register Now and explore a wide range of ready-to-cook products of TGB at Annapoorna – ANUFOOD India from 14-16 September 2022 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai.

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