Agro2o - A soil-less loT Smart Garden

Now grow 12 exotic herbs and veggies simultaneously
Agro2o - A soil-less loT Smart Garden
Agro2o - Smart garden for urban homesPhoto - Agro2o

We live in a world where the most important resources are depleting at a fast pace. Agro2o Smart Garden keeps that into consideration. It is necessary to use water to the fullest capacity for all the plants you love in a normal garden setting. But in a Smart Garden, you must use minimal water in your product to make sure that your plant grows. Every plant you grow has different needs in terms of water, nutrient, and light. The Smart Garden takes care of that so that you grow plants without worry.

Yash Vyas, the founder of agritech startup, Agro2o had an idea while working in Dubai that connected well to the kind of terrain Dubai has. He figured out the concept of Hydroponics technology and wanted to align that in a way through which all sorts of plants grow efficiently. Vyas worked on the minutest of details with a power team to make a product and make sure it reaches the audience.

Agro2o Smart Garden is a fully automated device, allows you to grow your own fresh and healthy herbs, veggies, medicinal plants year-round without any harmful chemicals. To set up a Smart Garden, you need to follow few simple processes - you can choose whatever you want to grow, then you need to fill the water tank and insert the pre-seeded pods and nutrients into the Smart Garden, now you can enjoy the part of nature inside your home, said the company.

Agro2o has combined both nature and advanced technology in harmony to get growing plant convenient without worrying about open space, sunlight, busy schedule, or have a green thumb ( The process of growing plants with water and nutrients), and the agritech startup is aiming to make Hydroponics accessible and affordable to everyone, whether it is an individual or an institution or commercial farming. It is necessary to have a beautiful garden in a normal garden setting to grow the plants you love. But with Agro2o Smart Garden, you need to focus on putting the system where you like.

When we grow a plant in our home, the company said it takes a lot of time to develop, but in Agro 2o Plant’s growth rate, it is around 4-5 times faster because of their soil-less technology. And plants that require sunlight can also be grown indoors. Agro2o claims to bring a path-breaking technology that can allow you to interact with nature while being at your home. Agro2o Smart Garden is a fully automated device, will enable you to grow your own fresh and healthy herbs, veggies, medicinal plants year-round without any harmful chemicals.

Agro2o can grow 12 plants simultaneously by using intelligent nutrient dosing, automating watering, Spectrum-adapted LEDs (LED that grow lights have a spectrum adapted to photosynthesis). Full-spectrum LED grow lights are a good choice because they give all the light needed without overheating concerns, and with Agro2o newly made technology, these plants can easily be controlled by Smartphones.

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