AayurMed offers pesticides and ETO-free organic & natural products

AayurMed products are certified as 100% Organic by OneCert, under NOP of USDA
AayurMed offers pesticides and ETO-free organic & natural products
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AayurMed Organic Herbals is one of the largest sources of natural and certified organic Indian herbs, spices, food, fruits, vegetables, extracts, oils, teas, and other botanical products. The company cultivates, sources, and supplies nearly 300 certified organic botanicals products.

AayurMed also offers nearly 500+ natural botanical and associated products. Cultivated or collected from the green forests, the products are generally organic but not certified and are grown, collected, and prepared in an ethical and environmentally sustainable manner.

Speaking about the company, Akshay Vaishnav, partner, AayurMed, adds, "AayurMed Organic Herbals deals in organic spices, herbal powder, and herbal teas. We deal in B2B as well as B2C under the brand Neuwganic. In B2B, we provide herbs, spices, and flowers and supply as a whole, powder, and tea cut form."

AayurMed products are cultivated or collected under strict organic standards and are certified by OneCert under NOP of USDA, European Commission Regulation (EEC) 834/2007 and Regulation (EC) 1235/2008 of EU, and NPOP of India.

Making herbal blends with lip-smacking quality

According to Vaishnav, the company's primary focus is delivering quality and good taste material without pesticides and ETO-free to the customer. He believes that if product quality and taste are adapted and appreciated by the consumer, the company can focus and grow in the food and beverage industry. He adds, "We are focusing on new blends and herbal blended teas which offer good taste and health effects."

AayurMed Organic Herbals at Annapoorna - ANUFOOD India 2022

AayurMed Organic Herbals will participate in Annapoorna - ANUFOOD India 2022 from 14 to 16 September at BEC, Mumbai. The company will display its organic herbs, spices, herbal teas, flower, seasonings, spice masala, etc., for the visitors.

Vaishnav expects to meet target customers from B2B and B2C and make people aware of AayurMed Organic Herbals. They want to utilize this platform to expand their business.

The company aims to provide good taste and quality material. Further, it focuses on building the brand in the retail segment to provide healthy and quality products to every customer.

Register Now to explore its range of products at Annapoorna – ANUFOOD India from 14-16 September 2022 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai.

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