Agromonte offers lip-smacking delicacies with cherry tomatoes

Ready to use Cherry Tomato Pasta Sauce
Ready to use Cherry Tomato Pasta SaucePhoto - Agromonte

A Sicilian family-based company, Agromonte specializes in producing cherry tomato-based products. Items crafted are perfect to season pasta, pizza, spread on bread, and bruschetta.

"Our masterpiece is the ready-to-use cherry tomato pasta sauce sold in the traditional beer bottle 330g, which follows the traditional recipe of the Arestia family. The recipe is sweet, rich, seasoned, and ready to eat," says Giorgio Arestia, chief executive officer, Agromonte, when asked to share company delicacies. "Together with the sauce, we produce passate, ready-to-use pasta sauce, pesto, bruschetta, and other specialties like the semi-dried tomato and the semi-dried cherry tomato, which are typical Italian deliciousnesses," he adds.

Agromonte was born in 2000 in Chiaramonte Gulfi, thanks to the long experience of Arestia's family. Agromonte has now become one of the leaders in the production of cherry tomato pasta sauce, semidry cherry tomato, and bruschetta topping. Adding on the benefits, all Agromonte items are gluten-free, genuine, and 100% natural since they do not contain preservatives and colorants. Emphasizing innovation, the company respects the Sicilian traditions. Also holds certificates for BRS, IFS, kosher, halal, USDA organic, and BIO.

The company has always stood for product focus and innovation. Arestia says, "Consumers are increasingly looking for 100% natural and environmentally friendly products. Industries are conforming, choosing this trend, with consistent and carefully researched products."

Agromonte at Annapoorna - ANUFOOD India 2022

At Annapoorna – ANUFOOD India, the company plans to present its range of food service retail. "Our masterpiece is ready-to-use cherry tomato pasta sauce, which is the best-selling sauce in Italy. We will present our ready-to-use cherry tomato pasta sauce with basil and hot pepper, sauces, passate, and other specialties. All of these have some special features in common, such as being 100% natural, only fresh cherry tomatoes, and no preservatives or coloring agents."

Talking about their participation, Arestia shares, "Given the consideration that the rest of the world has for the quality of our food and products, we believe that ANUFOOD as a platform can increase our business by providing us with greater visibility, increased expertise, the development of new partnerships, and brand reinforcement; increasing visibility is essential for a company that wants to grow. The market is constantly changing by diversifying our risk over a wider geographical area. We create the conditions for stable and lasting growth."

The company looks forward to finding new and right partners who can embrace the corporate mission while consolidating relationships with existing partners.

Talking about future endeavors

The goal of the company is to grow and get better and better. "We will continue to reach new markets through activating the right stakeholders and the ever-increasing consolidation of the already covered markets," Arestia concludes.

Register Now to meet Agromonte at Annapoorna – ANUFOOD India from 14-16 September 2022 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai.

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