Explore Nutrition Dynamic Foods' wide range of wellness beverage premixes at ANUFOOD India

Explore Nutrition Dynamic Foods' wide range of wellness beverage premixes at ANUFOOD India
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Headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Nutrition Dynamic Foods (NDF) is into innovation and manufacturing of wellness beverage premixes that provide instant solutions to overcome nutritional and antioxidant deficiency arising due to unhealthy dietary and lifestyle choices, leading to premature aging and contradicting diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and obesity.

NDF claims to be the pioneer company in India to deploy freeze-drying technology in the beverage industry to prevent the products from getting polluted by contaminants like preservatives, chemical derivatives for stabilizing or anticaking agents, and emulsifiers, among others.

By 2021, NDF had developed three beverage premixes, namely:

  1. NDF – Dudhi Jaljeera / Lauki Jaljeera: Comprising freeze-dried bottle gourd/lauki/dudhi, freeze-dried mint, black pepper, cumin, and black salt.

  2. NDF – Amrit Jara: A blend of spices and condiments like Amla, Ginger, Lemon, Turmeric, and Kokum.

  3. NDF – Veggie Oat Soup: Freeze-dried bottle gourd/lauki/dudhi, spinach, and moringa with natural flavoring agents like rosemary, spices, and thickening agent oat that gives a clear soup consistency.

These beverages were commercialized and are available in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Nagpur, and Pune along with major eCommerce sites and were recently made available on the company's website.

All NDF products are savory in taste without any added sugar, contain natural sugar attained from green vegetables, herbs, and spices have a low amount of salt for sustainability.

Constant R&D and Innovation

From Inception, NDF has highly emphasized R&D and innovation to stand out from the highly saturated market segment that the food and beverage industry is going through. NDF claims to be the pioneer company to formulate standardized polyherbal formulations with HPLC analysis for its antioxidant retention quality that helps consumers attain the feel-good factor and aids in healthy longevity over prolonged consumption.

NDF, while innovating, emphasized the combination, interaction, and processing technology that determines the product's functionality. 5000+ research papers, 3000+ articles, and 250+ reference books were screened before formulation. Once formulated, NDF products are exclusively sold to nutritionists and dieticians for two years and, post-approval, are launched in the commercial market.

Keeping up with trends

The company believes that, unlike the previous generation, today's generation is more informed due to digitalization. They are ready to pay for quality products that claim authentic health-building claims, expect value for money, and need high energy and nutritious products to reduce the healthcare economic burden.

Understanding the need and expectations of the consumers, major big players are now looking for innovative products to onboard under their umbrella as it's easy for start-ups to take risks and bring nutritional transformation that is in demand for regular diets. Many fad trends like keto and vegan are showing a low level of acceptance as sustainability is a major issue faced by such trends. According to Arpita Doshi, founder NDF, the F&B industry is transforming into innovative, traditional flavor, instant natural products that help build their natural health. The pandemic just accelerated the demand.

Nutrition Dynamic Foods at Annapoorna - ANUFOOD India 2022

Nutrition Dynamic Foods company is participating in the upcoming trade show Annapoorna – ANUFOOD India. The company plans to display its latest three commercialized products NDF – Dudhi Jaljeera, NDF – Amrit Jara, and NDF – Veggie Oat Soup, along with a brief introduction to new upcoming natural protein drinks that are yet under research and development.

Commenting on their participation and expectation from ANUFOOD, Doshi says, "ANUFOOD is a major B2B food event happening in India every year with 10,000+ national and international traders. It helps market penetration and access in various demographic and geographic locations. It also helps in accelerating the company's mission of becoming USD 10 million by 2027."

NDF expects to network with B2B retailers and distributors across national and international markets and investors with great influence and experience in market development and penetration.

Sharing their plans, Doshi says, "NDF is envisioned to be the pioneer company that provides natural, instant, functional foods and beverages that helps consumer attain sustainable solutions in the F&B matrix towards healthy longevity."

"Apart from Demographic expansion, NDF plans geographic expansions for which NDF is currently working on building world-class production facility that has integrated R&D aspects to provide truly functional food and beverage to consumers," Doshi concludes.

Register Now and meet to explore their range of products at Annapoorna – ANUFOOD India from 14-16 September 2022 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai.

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