H.K. Foods Manufacturer, a leading manufacturer & trader of agro commodities

Food manufacturers must adapt to recycling practices to be conducive to the environment
H.K. Foods Manufacturer, a leading manufacturer & trader of agro commodities
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Established in 2014 in Rajkot, Gujarat, H.K. Foods Manufacturer is a leading manufacturer of sugar powder, crystalline sugar, icing sugar, maida, besan, besan coarse, gram grit (besan grit) corn grit, rice grit, rice flour, corn flour, soya flour, in other words, all kinds of starch-based pre-gelatinized flours. The company also does private labeling and packing of all types of flours and pulses as per the customer's needs.

From the beginning, the company focuses on producing the best quality material at a lower cost, catering to every category ranging from bigger to smaller budgets in snacks and sweet manufacturers. Chirag Vegad, owner H.K. Foods Manufacturer, shares, "We are highly appreciated by clients for offering excellent quality products. With our team's support, we have been able to cater varied needs of patrons efficiently. We offer reasonable pricing, qualitative product range, customer-centric approach, large distribution network, experienced professionals, easy payment modes, and on-time delivery."

R&D and innovation

Research and development is an activity that companies undertake to develop new products, processes, or services or improve those that already exist. Sharing more about the company's focus on R & D and innovation, Vegad says, "We at the moment are mainly dealing with Agro commodities and we face many challenges in Agro products as material comes from different cities of different states. Hence, we are continuously focusing on R & D to rectify the same and install the new technologies if required to rectify the issues and minimize the risk to improve quality and serve the best products to our valuable clients."

Sustainability & food businesses

Talking more about the current scenarios in the food & beverage industry, Vegad feels that adopting the innovative culture by giving tailored needs to the customers in the F&B sector hypes the industry in a broader scope. The plastic ban enforcement is rooted in an ideology that has lasted several years amid discussions on international platforms and has now come to fruition. Knowingly or unknowingly, the excess consumption and improper disposal of plastic have become one of the major challenges faced by food and beverage manufacturers.

According to him, in this scenario, a product tagged as 'eco-friendly' quite naturally has more of a consumer connection and is likely to accrue lucrative sales than a product popularized to harm the environment. He adds, "Food and beverage manufacturers and retailers are now striving toward making the food manufacturing process highly conducive to the environment through the adoption of numerous recycling practices. The deployment of green business practices – from production to packaging and supply chain management- is a crucial solution to tackling the current issues in the food industry."

H.K. Foods Manufacturer at Annapoorna - ANUFOOD India 2022

Speaking about their upcoming participation at ANUFOOD India, the largest international fair for food & beverage trade in September 2022, Vegad informs, "ANUFOOD is the perfect place for connecting and meeting new and existing customers as such platforms give us the right direction and provide us with the recognition we need. As we are participating for the first time, we hope to spread our business wings globally given the footfall that shows up each year."

The company plans on showcasing the best, making sure to get the first impression memorable for all. From sugar powder, crystalline sugar, icing sugar, maida, besan, besan coarse, gram grit (besan grit), corn grit, rice grit, rice flour, corn flour, tapioca starch, maize starch, soya flour, to (untoasted) pregelatinized rice/corn flour, etc.

Commenting on the company's vision, Vegad says, "Our vision and plans are to expand our business in different states to reach the masses faster and be more efficient than any other FMCG company. We also plan to pack the material in private labeling per customer needs shortly."

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