It’s all about Jaggery with PureMe Organics

The products are co-created with rural farmers, who are connected with the company through its research centre
It’s all about Jaggery with PureMe Organics
Photo - PureMe Organics

PureMe Organics was founded with the vision to create scalable technology through innovation & research, and provide solution for Jaggery production through sugarcane and other plant sources, such that, it impacts small farmers at a grassroot level through Agrotech commercialization. The company has researched and developed an innovative range of jaggery-based products from sugarcane and alternative agriculture sources which are natural and sustainable.

Speaking about the company, Sharmilee Mane, founder and chief executive officer, PureMe Organics, shares, “Our vision is to redefine sweetness in a way that it is healthy to consume and accessible everywhere at an affordable price."

Keeping it natural with increased nutrition

At PureMe Organics and Y D Mane Research Centre, the focus is on the empowerment of rural farmers, not only via technical assistance through Research Centre but also financial empowerment as the business model is based on profit sharing with the farmers. PureMe Organics has received support further from the Ministry of Food Processing and the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, the Government of India.

Mane shares, “We have developed a technology with which we produce Jaggery powder with less moisture content, thus increasing its shelf life and making it ideal for export. We have also worked on the nutritional content of Jaggery without adding any chemicals & preservatives, keeping it natural. We have also developed hassle-free, Jaggery-based products, such as such as introducing Jaggery from different sources in 5 gm sachets, Jaggery drops, low calorie Jaggery powder, Jaggery based mixed seed butter, Jaggery coated spiced nuts and Jaggery Candies. We are also working on sourcing Jaggery from other sustainable agriculture sources by connecting with different farmers throughout India."

R&D and Innovation

The PureMe Team is continuously involved in research and development through innovation and research and development research center. “We have researched and developed an innovative range of Jaggery-based products from sugarcane and alternative agriculture sources which are natural and sustainable. Our innovative product line will enable people to use healthy sweeteners in their lifestyle and make healthy choices for satisfying their sweet tooth cravings,” Mane explains.

PureMe Organic at Annapoorna – ANUFOOD India

PureMe Organic is participating in the upcoming trade show Annapoorna – ANUFOOD India. Sharing their expectations from the exhibition, Mane says, “ANUFOOD being the biggest platform for people in the F&B industry, we feel that this platform would make our products and brand reach more people. That is what startups ultimately want. Also, connecting with experts and mentors from this field will take us one step nearer to our goals. Through ANUFOOD, we wish to connect with more consumers in India and overseas. Also, we wish to connect with experts and mentors from the F&B field.”

Steps for the future

The company holds a vision to be a global unicorn brand bringing the goodness of Jaggery through multiple products offering a healthy alternative to sweet consumption whilst developing a sustainable source of Jaggery from other smart agriculture choices through revolutionary R&D and technology and empowering local farmers to engage in conscious cultivation. “We aspire to be a multinational pioneer in Jaggery-based product line. To be the leader in R&D and innovation for sustainable ways of Jaggery extraction from other agriculture sources and developing an eco-system for training farmers to engage in natural & sustainable methods of cultivation for better crop yield and a sustainable future for farmers,” Mane concludes.

Register Now and meet PureMe Organic and explore their range of products at Annapoorna – ANUFOOD India from 14-16 September 2022 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai.

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