Jaivik Essence - Keeping the tradition alive

Using only traditional methods of preparation inspired by ancient Indian practices
Jaivik Essence - Keeping the tradition alive
Photo - Jaivik Farms

Located on the outskirts of Jamshedpur in the eastern belt of India, Jaivik Farms is a direct-to-customer food product brand that prepares its food product using only traditional methods of preparation, inspired by ancient Indian practices.

The farm focuses on growing, cultivating, and preparing the highest quality food products focusing on the essence of absolute purity and with zero chemicals or artificial substances added. All products are naturally grown of a single origin and are traditionally handmade in small batches. “We believe in health being the utmost form of wealth for us, humans. This is why we are committed to hygienic methods and edible food products, against the chemicalized processed food culture that has erupted over the years,” comments Amrita Singh, marketing executive, Jaivik Essence.

The company’s product portfolio includes a total of 10 products:

· Parboiled Rice

· Lemon Grass Tea

· Four Varieties of Pickle

· Amla Pickle - (Gooseberry Pickle)

· Lemon Pickle - (Nimbu Ka Achar)

· Yam Pickle - (Suran Ka Achar)

· Red Chilli Pickle - (Lal Mirchi Ka Achar)

· Satu Powder - made from lal channa (red gram)

· A2 Desi Ghee

· Amla Churan

The company believes in the basic fundaments of research and development, which is more inclined towards finding the right variety of raw materials and the appropriate method to grow them. Singh adds, “Our drive as an organization is to bring back the traditional practices into the food business or food process manufacturing business for the very purpose to obtain sustainability. Find the right path of technology and tradition, which can lead to reducing carbon footprints, empowering the farmers and building the community of farmers, and promoting natural methods of framing and zero-budget farming. Lastly, we plan to make a well-informed community that will look for better alternative food products and healthier alternatives.”

Jaivik Essence at Annapoorna - ANUFOOD India 2022

Speaking about their upcoming participation at ANUFOOD India, the largest international fair for food & beverage in September 2022, Singh says, “Platforms like ANUFOOD would benefit us in meeting the right retailers and the right distributors. Along with that it would also give us the right direction and provide us with the recognition we need.

Being a start-up company, the Jaivik Essence team wants to utilize the platform to create its presence in the industry and reach out to as many industries and buyers as possible. She says, “We are looking forward to a more sustainable long-term profitability relationship with potential retailers and wholesalers of the product exporters. We believe our product excels in every department in quality and would be more than happy to show that physically to any and every individual present.”

Register Now to confirm your participation for Annapoorna – ANUFOOD India from 14-16 September 2022 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai.

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