Take your pick from Pickwick’s wide range of wafer biscuits, rolls, waffles, cookies, and much more!

Want a quick breakfast booster, a fun surprise in the tiffin, or satiate those 5 pm hunger pangs and midnight cravings? Pickwick is the answer
Take your pick from Pickwick’s wide range of wafer biscuits, rolls, waffles, cookies, and much more!
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Pickwick’s journey began in 1984, with the manufacturing of gourmet wafer biscuits and rolls to meet the thriving Indian consumer demand for premium food products priced at affordable rates. Talking about the love for Pickwick products among consumers, Ajay Hemnani, director, Pickwick Hygienic Products, proudly says, “Over the past 35 years, generations of Indian families have grown tasting, sharing, and falling in love with our products making PICKWICK a household name across the country.”

Offering variety with affordability

Hemnani said that the brand is synonymous with premium wafer biscuits and rolls available in traditional flavors including Chocolate, Orange, Pineapple, Strawberry, and Vanilla along with unique flavors such as Raspberry and Mixed Fruit.

He added that a goal of the company’s principles is that all consumers irrespective of location and income level should have access to its products. He elaborates, “Our wafer biscuits and rolls are available across a range of sizes that include smaller Rs 5/- packs all the way to larger family packs Rs 300/-.”

Informing us of the recent additions to their product portfolio, Hemnani says, “In recent months we have expanded our snacking portfolio to include ready-to-eat Belgian waffles and classic artisan cookies.” He added that the waffles are available in all-time classic flavors including Vanilla, Chocolate, and Cinnamon.

He further adds, “With no refrigeration required, the 100% vegetarian waffles are perfect for snacking "on the go" and can be served warm, plain, or garnished with chocolate, hazelnut cream, fruit, ice-cream, whipped cream, honey, maple syrup or any multitude of combinations.”

Premium cookies to tantalize your tastebuds

Hemnani told us that Pickwick has also launched cookies made with the finest ingredients that are baked to perfection, ensuring a premium taste and crispiness. This makes them an ideal snack for any time of the day. He says, “Pickwick cookies are the perfect companion for hot tea, coffee, or warm milk and are currently available in irresistible flavors such as Fruit, Badam, Jam, and Til Coconut.”

Focus on R&D and food safety

According to Hemnani, the Pickwick team is constantly plugged into the consumer reality receiving first-hand suggestions from consumers, retailers, and distributors alike. He informs, “Market feedback is stage one of any R&D conducted at Pickwick and is our most trusted guidance when considering any new product or packaging innovations.”

Commenting on the company’s efforts on maintaining food hygiene and safety, he says, “Over the years we have strived to maintain the highest standards of food safety, transforming our brand into a market reference in quality. Our food processing facilities are constantly up to date with the latest in food hygiene production benchmarks for the industry.”

Celebrating joy – Age no bar

Pickwick believes in catering to taste buds of all ages. Describing this belief, Hemnani says, “At Pickwick, age is just a number and our individual and family packs are shared and enjoyed across the family anytime, anywhere. We continue to celebrate the joy of catering to kids and elders alike by bringing smiles to every meal, be it a quick breakfast booster, a fun surprise in the tiffin, 5 pm hunger pangs, or even those midnight munchies.”

Trends in the food and beverage industry

Pickwick believes that India is flourishing with a wide range of new and enticing food and beverage products that are both homegrown or brought from overseas. Hemnani remarks, “The Indian consumer is very much aware of the latest food trends and is eager to experiment with new products that may become part of their regular shopping basket. The old approach of “push” marketing is rapidly being replaced by a more selective and refined value-driven consumer that rightfully controls the narrative.”

He further added that brands have to be one step ahead in this rapidly evolving industry and only selectively bring out those product ranges that will meaningfully impact their consumers.

At Annapoorna -ANUFOOD India 2022

Pickwick has been invited to be a part of ANUFOOD India- the most important B2B platform for the food and beverage trade and retail market in the Indian subcontinent, to be held in September 2022 in Mumbai.

Looking forward to the event, Hemnani says, “ANUFOOD India is a window to the world of innovation and trends in the food industry.” Commenting on how it helps companies achieve their business goals, he says, “Consumers and distributors benefit from exposure to new concepts and tastes whereas brands are given the opportunity to connect with the value chain to introduce new products and place them within their target consumers’ reach.”

He expects ANUFOOD to bring consumers and brands closer together and help drive much of the innovation in products and food technologies that are currently in full swing in India.

The way forward

Sharing the company’s vision, Hemnani says, “Our vision remains unchanged. Our brand should remain an integral and valued companion to households across generations offering products that families continue to trust. All new product launches should follow similar principles and continue to keep our consumers happy.”

Grab the opportunity to have some valuable face time with the Pickwick team at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai from 14 to 16 September 2022.

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