"Walknhawk" a brand specializing in mobile vending & sampling by Mishti Enterprises

"Walknhawk" a brand specializing in mobile vending & sampling by Mishti Enterprises
Photo - Mishti Enterprises

Mishti Enterprises is the start-up company behind "WalknHawk", a brand specializing in mobile vending and sampling solutions for food and beverages. All its products are made in India and are uniquely designed to improve the experiential marketing experience for the FMCG companies operating in the food and beverage segments.

Walknhawk has been working on offering a comprehensive product portfolio for a sampling of f&B products. Speaking about the company, Gautam Sethi, proprietor of Mishti Enterprises, says, "We at WalknHawk offer the best of its kinds of beverage backpack dispenser, which can be used to dispense hot or cold, carbonated, non-carbonated, or nitrogen-infused drinks. These dispenser kits have been used by the best names in the industry like Nescafe, Tang, Glucon-D, Mother Dairy, Senso Tea, etc."

The company also exports its products to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Somalia, Nigeria, Malaysia, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

Sethi shares the product portfolio, "Our vendor trays portfolio has evolved with our experience and understanding of the customers' needs. We started with offering trays molded out of acrylic sheets. We have now moved on to basic trays molded using virgin polypropylene and upgraded our product range to include trays in varying shapes and sizes. Our trays are highly customizable, offer extensive branding opportunities and incomparable mechanical strength, and are available at aggressive price points. The trays have also been designed considering the product promoters' needs and comfort. We offer a portfolio of five different designs of sampling trays to cater to the industry's varying needs. We are now also working on new designs which will be made out of paper and cardboard."

Mishti Enterprises at Annapoorna – ANUFOOD India

Sethi shares about their upcoming participation at ANUFOOD India's largest international food & beverage fair in September 2022, "ANUFOOD is an exhibition for all participants from the food and beverage ecosystem. Product launches, brand promotions, and experiential marketing are the tools for customer engagement and "Walknhawk" offers solutions for those tools. We believe we are ancillary to all FMCG companies operating in this segment. Many Food and Beverage companies will be present as exhibitors, and others will visit the exhibition, where we hope to showcase our products."

Mishti Enterprises will display a full range of its sampling trays and beverage dispensers and showcase the available customization options. Sethi believes that ANUFOOD will help increase its product awareness, and brand managers will consider them while formulating their promotion strategies in future programs.

Sethi states that they have developed a fairly large portfolio of products for their segment. And now will be working on improving the distribution and availability of their products. They intend to be the first vendor of choice for all kinds of sampling solutions in the f&b industry.

Register Now to confirm your participation and meet Mishti Enterprises to explore their entire product range at Annapoorna – ANUFOOD India from 14-16 September 2022 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai.

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