WINIT, a strategic solution provider to help you ‘Sell More and Sell Better’

WINIT, a strategic solution provider to help you ‘Sell More and Sell Better’
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Established in 1997, WIN Information Technology (WINIT) specializes in helping companies increase their sales by strategic automation of the sales and distribution processes. WINIT offers a suite of products that include van sales, pre-sales, merchandising, supervisor, distributor management, modern trade management, delivery, promoter, target planning, and demand planning. The company practice is centralized around identifying key business metrics that need improvement and then blueprinting its solution to drive those metrics.

Siddhartha Bajpai, senior sales manager at win information technology, WINIT, says, "We can significantly improve the sales process because our implementation always starts with the often not asked question - What business metrics do you wish to improve with automation? We are not a provider that digitizes your ordering process. We are a strategic solution provider who helps you to "Sell More and Sell Better."

He further adds, "Our unique process of tailoring a solution to help you improve your business metrics has helped us win the trust of some of the biggest customers in the regions we operate. Customers such as Proctor & Gamble, Almarai, Fonterra Dairy, Al Safi Danone, Arla Foods, Bisleri, Godrej, GPI, Bajaj, Nissin, Beiersdorf and many more.”

According to Bajpai, most leading companies wish to strategically automate and improve various aspects of their sales and distribution process. "WINIT provides a suite of products: Van Sales, Pre Sales, Merchandising, Supervisor, Distributor Management, Modern Trade Management, Delivery, Promoter, Target Planning and Demand Planning. With a suite of products seamlessly integrating with most leading ERP solutions, we can provide an integrated, real-time solution that helps drive, measure and improve business metrics."

Post pandemic growth opportunities

Bajpai believes that despite the global post-pandemic crisis, the Indian FMCG market continued to grow, supported by consumption-led increase and value expansion from higher product prices, particularly for staples.

He comments, "Rural consumption has increased, led by combining, increasing income and higher aspiration levels. On the other hand, with the share of the unorganized market in the FMCG sector falling, the organized sector growth is expected to rise with an increased level of brand consciousness, augmented by the growth in modern retail."

According to him, another major factor propelling the demand for food services in India is the growing youth population, primarily in urban regions. Online portals are expected to play a key role for companies entering the hinterlands. Internet has contributed in a big way, facilitating a cheaper and more convenient mode to increase a company's reach.

WINIT at Annapoorna - ANUFOOD India 2022

WINIT is participating at ANUFOOD India, the largest international fair for food & beverage, in September 2022. He says, "Though we shall be participating at Anufood for the first time, we have seen the response at similar trade fairs worldwide. We believe in coming all prepared, and our rich suite of products would be available for demonstration complimented with adequate documents and case studies."

Commenting on the expectations from ANUFOOD, Bajpai adds, "From evolving market dynamics, supply chains to ever-improving competition, the retail industry continuously faces unique challenges that require cutting-edge business practices. As retail operations grow, retailers are turning to technology and automation to help meet the demands of modern business. We expect to connect with industry participants to understand the KPIs, pain points and growth levers that shall frame our built-to-suit solution's basis."

The fastest growing Salesforce Automation Company

With a team of 200+ people, WINIT has been in business for 25 years while driving value through innovation and efficiency throughout the RTM & GTM strategies and is one of the fastest growing Salesforce Automation Company. The company has 75 plus customers and 30,000 users on the platform across diverse industries in the Middle East, Africa, LATAM and Asia.

Bajpai informs, "We intend to continue being known as the most innovative and client-focused automation company. In a crowded world where everyone is striving to gain your attention, it is important to think out of the box. We believe that this is critical in growing a business and increasing profits. At WINIT, we use this as a 'mantra' in how we approach our business and, most importantly, how we design and implement our Mobile Sales Force Automation solution for our customers."

Register Now to meet and know more about WIN Information Technology at Annapoorna – ANUFOOD India from 14-16 September 2022 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai.

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