Watergen demonstrates water from air technologies at ANUTEC India

Visit Booth A58, Hall no. 5, to drink, taste and experience the miracle they are doing!
Maayan Mulla, chief executive officer, Watergen India

Maayan Mulla, chief executive officer, Watergen India

The production of drinking water from humidity in the air (AWG) is one of the most important and innovative water extraction solutions available today, used to tackle the growing problem of depleting drinking water levels in the world. Watergen is the pioneering Israeli company that has become the global leader in the atmospheric drinking water devices (AWG) market, machines that create drinking water from the air. The company offers solutions that are the most effective and economical to solve the pressing issue of drinking water scarcity in any location and at any time and further enable the elimination of carbon-intensive supply chains and environmentally-harmful plastic waste.

Watergen's patented technology creates high-quality drinking water out of air for people any time, anywhere. This year Watergen is participating in ANUTEC – International Foodtech India and showcasing different types of atmospheric water technology, including Genny, Gen-M, Gen-L. ANUTEC – International Foodtech India is taking place from 2 to 4 December at IECC, Pragati Maidaan, New Delhi.

Through its patented technology, Watergen plans to reach out to as many people in the food and beverage industry and make them aware of the benefits of our water technology and how it helps the people and the environment.

Maayan Mulla, chief executive officer, Watergen India, said, "We, just like any other sustainable and environment-conscious businesses, have recognized the value of being an eco-friendly company. We have innovated this one-of-a-kind water technology to help the people and the environment. This doesn't just create high-quality water from the atmosphere, and it also saves water, manpower, energy, and costs that are incurred in transporting water."

Talking about the visitors' reaction to this technology, Mulla shares, "The response we are getting from the companies is – 'its miracle'. People ask questions about how we are doing the miracle. We are extracting water from the atmosphere, so there is no water source here and no pollution." He urges all to come together and save, utilize what comes naturally from the earth, and reduce the use of the most harmful product - plastic!

Watergen invites you all to their Booth A58, Hall no. 5, to come, drink, taste and experience the miracle they are doing!

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