Economode offers complete solutions the snack food industry

“Snacks are made everywhere and consumed everywhere, but we made them presentable everywhere”, says Manu Agarwal
Economode offers complete solutions the snack food industry

Established in 2000, Economode has been one of the pioneers in the snack food industry. With over 22 years of hands-on experience, the company has also brought radical changes in production control, process efficiencies, and facility layouts. 

 Economode as a company believes that as soon as it developed technology and started to deliver instantaneous results when implemented, many market players re-evaluated their existing technology and process and sought premier consulting services from Economode. So, the growth of the company was largely a product of its leadership that rekindled the awareness of market players.

Manu Agarwal, director – sales & marketing, Economode, shares, “When we started back in 2000, Thane, there were barely any players in the market. The snacks market was yet to be explored in terms of presentation & packaging and also the manufacturing facilities and manufacturing equipment were not up to the mark. We as a brand to date, have made sure to keep bringing innovative ideas. Starting from our early days, we changed many traditional batch fryers with our latest technology of fuel-efficient and hygenic batch fryers. A few years down the road, we entered into continuous frying systems where we made namkeen continuous fryers, which also assisted in fuel consumption and increased productivity while maintaining proper hygiene conditions. In 2012 we manufactured a fully automated start-to-end product line for making products such as potato chips, kurkure, or pallets.”

Setting examples worldwide

Agarwal shares that the company has delivered many innovations over the years, which they believe multinational companies have also adopted. He adds, “Many multinational companies have kept a close eye on our brand, tracking why we install certain equipment and what purpose it serves. As an Indian brand, we feel great pride to become an example to look up to in the given time frame for R&D and innovation.”

Economode at ANUTEC

Commenting on their participation and how the exhibition helped them in reaching out and connecting with a wider audience, Agarwal says, “Particpiting for over a decade now, we feel this is a very good show. Especially in terms of the quality and quantity of visitors as the show gathers masses and each attendee has genuine concerns, which is a fruitful use of our time as well.”

Aiming for the 100-crore club 

Economode at the moment is contempt with its national and international sales team. Concluding, the company shares that in the future run, it aims to become one of the Indian-governed members of the 100-crore club.

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