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Eriez Permanent Magnetic Separators
Eriez Permanent Magnetic SeparatorsPhoto - Eriez

In 1941, Orange Fowler Merwin, or "O.F." as he was known, sold equipment to grain millers. The most common complaints heard from his customers were about "tramp iron" - stray pieces of metal such as bits of wire, nails and bolts, even horseshoes and hammers, that somehow found their way into the grain the farmers brought to the mills for grinding.

Merwin investigated a new magnetic alloy called "alnico" (a combination of aluminum, nickel, cobalt and iron), which possessed exceptional magnetic qualities, including peak magnetic strength up to 30 times that of cobalt steel. He devised a permanent magnetic separator in 1942, sold it to a grain miller and his company was on its way.

Established in 1942, Eriez is a global leader in separation technologies. The company’s commitment to innovation has positioned it as a driving market force in several key technology areas, including magnetic separation, flotation, metal detection and material handling equipment. The company’s 900+ employees are dedicated to providing trusted technical solutions to the mining, food, recycling, packaging, aggregate and other processing industries. Headquartered in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA, Eriez designs, manufactures, and markets on six continents through 12 wholly-owned international subsidiaries and an extensive sales representative network.

Eriez designs, develops, manufactures and markets magnetic separation, metal detection and materials feeding, screening, conveying and controlling equipment for more than 80 process and metalworking industries.

Speaking about the company and its focus on R&D, Ram Mohan, Dy. general manager – Sales, says, “Our Headquarters and R&D division is based at Erie, Pennsylvania. Team of people constantly work on developing technologies and innovative solutions as per the market requirement. Eriez is a more than 80 years old company that has added many products to the product line for various process industries. Please visit us @ Eriez India – Global Leader in Separation Technologies to know more about products and company.”

Over the years, the company has established trust and satisfaction among its customers, resulting in repeat customers. He explains, “We are happy to note that our customers derived the greatest satisfaction with our magnetic separator performance and tremendous life (decades of life). Thanks to our R&D team's efforts. Most of our customers are repeat customers.”

According to Ram Mohan, the F&B industry is constantly growing. He adds, “We see that many companies are investing either for green or brownfield projects. As per the last 5-year industry data ending 2019-20, the food processing sector has been growing at 11.18%. This growth rate is also reflecting our business except during COVID time.”

At PackEx India 2022

Eriez's team is very enthusiastic about their participation in PackEx India 2022. Ram Mohan shares, “We will display different Magnetic Separators (for solids and liquids) and Vibratory feeders used in the food processing units. We have introduced Dust Tight Magnetic Separator, which will also be on display.”

According to him, platforms like ANUTEC/PackEx help to meet their existing customers in one place and acquire new customer accounts. He feels, “Effective promotion of this event will result in relevant footfalls to connect with potential customers.”

He comments on Eriez’s future vision, "We endeavor to be a visionary and innovative global leader providing trusted technical solutions. We plan to reach out to the customers to offer the best solutions to customer requirements, thus working toward exceeding our customer expectations.”

Eriez-India provides complete magnetic separation, metal detection, fluid recycling, feeders & conveyors, material handling equipment, size reduction and metal recycling solutions in various industries. Eriez Magnetic Separators have served in many applications in various industries since 1942.

Visit Booth No M 97 at PackEx India from 14 to 16 September 2022 at BEC, Mumbai to explore Eriez’s wide range of metal detectors, magnetic separators and vibratory feeders, screeners and conveyors are designed for the unique needs of the food manufacturing industry.

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