Evolving automation through progressive gripping, lifting and moving solutions, Piab

Evolving automation through progressive gripping, lifting and moving solutions, Piab

Established in 1951, Piab is a Swedish company evolving automation through progressive gripping, lifting, and moving solutions. The company believes in an automated world where no resources are wasted, and no humans are injured. Working more on vacuum products and vacuum technology. Piab is also the patent holder for certain types of vacuum injectors that are only manufactured in-house.

Having multiple companies under its wing Piab is divided into three verticals. And each vertical has its unique R&D plan. Elaborating in detail, Uday Kshirsagar, managing director, Piab, says, “The first vertical is vacuum conveying where we do powder transfers. There is an IoT-level of product that we are working on and delivering part of it. Secondly is vacuum automation. Automation has more to do with the direct handling of food packaging, therefore, there are different types of packaging coming on the market. So, we are working on those kinds of handling solutions. And the third one is the brand called Tawi made for handling the bulk products, specifically reducing the workload for our customers.”

Working with changing dynamics 

Piab believes that the pandemic has changed a lot of dynamics in totality. Kshirsagar says, “The pandemic was kinder to us in the business sense. I also see a shift in the market as many companies that were not doing automation earlier are joining the fields, which fuels us to keep working harder.”

Piab at ANUTEC

Talking about the exhibition Kshirsagar comments, “We are happy with the arrangements made and the crowd that showed up.”

“Coming here made us feel that we are on the right track and sharing about our future plans, well we don’t have anything laid out in stone. The pandemic taught us, to always be prepared for anything. But yes, we are focusing on understanding the fast-changing dynamics in the market and going along with that, and then delivering to that level that is in sync with our five-year plan,” Kshirsagar wraps up.  

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