From liquid to powder filling lines, ACE Technologies had every visitor awed at ANUTEC

From liquid to powder filling lines, ACE Technologies had every visitor awed at ANUTEC

Established in 2000, ACE Technologies is young, effective, and rising. Since its inception, it has been on a clear path of growth, attributing to its core principles and values: integrity, understanding, excellence, unity, and responsibility. These values have been part of company beliefs and convictions from the early days and continue to guide and drive business decisions.

Continuing to acquire and develop core technologies through continuous alliances with renowned partners and suppliers. ACE Technologies also believes in building long-term business relationships through constant innovation, better service, and superior quality. ACE Technologies is one of India’s leading companies that cater to the technological needs of industries encompassing Pharma & Healthcare, Food & Beverages, Cosmetics, and HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurants, Catering).

Describing in detail, Namita Sharma, marketing executive, ACE Technologies, says, “As it is well known we are a hardcore engineering company which deals in automation and innovations. We are into four verticals- pharma, F&B, Horeca, followed by cosmetics.”

“ACE has been working around the clock for over 22 years; although things have evolved and changed over the years, we have always delivered. Because we are based upon principal activities and innovations, which only takes place because of the core strength of our skilled engineers,” she adds.

Rising back stronger

Talking about the pandemic and its effects on the company, Sharma shares, “In all honesty, the pandemic has been a challenging phase, with everything stopping and shifting to complete work-from-home environment, it was very different for us all. As said earlier, we are a hard-core engineering company, so dealing with capital goods, manufacturing, and automation took some major shifts, but gradually when the market picked up with its pace, we were back on track and running faster than ever with increased demands in packaging and inspection lines.

ACE Technologies at ANUTEC- International FoodTec India 2022

Pleased to participate post the pandemic, ACE Technologies, had bought out all the big guns to the stage with its indigenous range: starting from the liquid filling lines with capping along with the side of powder filling lines which is a 300-powder filler, a liquid filling line, inspection lines, and robust inspection modules.

Sharma comments on how the trade show helped them achieve their business goals, "We have been associated with ANUTEC for over a decade now. Being international partners with ANUTEC, we have our principles coming down for the show as it is happening after a gap. We are glad about the footfall as this is the only platform where we connect with our customers in the food and beverage industry."

“Our visions down the road are only the beginning of something big, our management has different visions to make our brand stand out and represent India from the export point of view,” Sharma wraps up.

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