Jawla Advance Technology, a one-stop solution for all packaging needs

Planning on making everything automated because every minute saved increases productivity, Jawla Advance Technology.
Jawla Advance Technology, a one-stop solution for all packaging needs

Jawla Advance Technology is a company dedicated to providing a myriad range of packaging machines to pack food products like namkeen, coffee, spices-masala, tea, and other products. 

Shedding some light on the company in detail, Samarpal Jawla, director, Jawla Advance Technology, said,” We are the manufacturer of pouch packing machines. In lame-man terms, I’ll say we put clothes on our customers’ products. We make all kinds of packing machines for every food product from Haldiram’s, Pillsbury to Britannia, Duke, and much more.”

Jawala Advance Technology has been in the industry for quite a few years and comes from experience in both horizontal and vertical packaging. With the evolution of packaging, everything nowadays comes in pouches. “We customize our machinery according to the product, the emerging needs and stay focused on constant innovation. Every day arises with a new challenge, and we as a company welcome it with open arms,” comments Jawla.

Automating for the future 

The majority of Jawla Advance Technology’s research and development team is directed towards customizing machines to cut down manpower as the company believes machines are the future.

Jawla Advance Technology at ANUTEC

Sharing about their participation at ANUTEC, Jawla shares, “Being a regular exhibitor for over five years now, we are very pleased by the clientele offered by the exhibition. Coming here feels like a great opportunity to connect and watch how the competition is working. All and all, a big thumbs up to the organizing team for making such smooth arrangements. We indeed are very pleased and look forward to being a part of next year as well,” Jawla wraps up.

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