Kanchan Metals showcases wrapping machine, ball control & corn chip extruder at ANUTEC 2022

Offering the Indian market quality equipment and after-sales services of the highest standard
Kanchan Metals showcases wrapping machine, ball control & corn chip extruder at ANUTEC 2022

Greater Noida-based Kanchan Metals (KMPL) is dedicated to offering end-to-end solutions to India’s food processing companies. The company was established in 1984 as an international trading company in non-ferrous metals in Kolkata. The company became the technology partner for leading food producers in India and started offering customization solutions, automation-related technologies, and new products. In 2012, KMPL started its snack food manufacturing plant as a third-party manufacturer for ITC. Later in 2020, the company started another unit for ITC for Indian ethnic namkeens.

While talking about the company Pankaj Singh, general manager (Sales & Marketing) said, “We specialize in the food processing industry, catering to snack food bakery, frozen food ready meal segment. With clients happy and satisfied for the last many years, we developed some solutions based on user requirements mostly about their USP. KMPL always likes to understand the customer process and the challenges facing and accordingly, we develop all solutions that will be supplied to customers.”

R&D and innovations

From humble beginnings in the late ’90s, Kanchan Metals has entered the food processing machinery space as a sourcing agent for India’s food processors. The company partnered with renowned international food processing equipment manufacturers to offer the Indian market quality equipment and after-sales services of the highest standard.

Singh stated, “We have built dedicated centers we say as an innovation center or R&D Center, and the objective is same, where we are focusing on developing new and customized solutions to meeting customer requirements. And we do also feel that it is an essential requirement for every company. It is one of the things we like to work on and I would suggest that every company should incorporate this for good.”

At Food Logistics India/ANUTEC

Singh then informed, “We have a large portfolio and therefore, we have tried to showcase some of the important machinery. At ANUTEC, we are displaying our wrapping machine, which was developed and introduced from a Japanese company for the first time. Then the special project, there is a ball control which is a forming machine which the product and it is very much suitable for the frozen food segment. We have a corn chip extruder, which is also one of our very unique products. We manufacture it in India, which is used for making potato ring and corn chip kind of product production.”

He added, “We need to consider ANUTEC as good for companies like us and we are counting a lot on this event. We hope that the next two days will be busier for us compared to the first day as it was raining heavily. We would expect a good footfall at our booth so that we can connect with more invitees from the industry”.

Singh then invited everyone to his stall by saying, “We would like to invite my industry colleague and friends to be our booth because ANUTEC is one of the biggest platforms for us to meet especially from our industry, which is food processing, but this is also a platform where we can exchange our thoughts, we can share our ideas. Also, if the product manufacturers have some complaints and we as equipment suppliers or manufacturers, can help them with a solution through this event.”

Kanchan Metals has 20 years of experience in automating various international and regional snack food product machines. The company owns three plants in Greater Noida, UP. Snack food and Indian namkeens plants for ITC have large capacities and employ approximately 400 persons. The plant and machinery are best in class available globally and are automated with no human intervention. Their processes and establishments are ISO certified with highly skilled manpower. The combined space occupation for both these plants is 5.5 acres with a built-up space of 175000 square feet.

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