Keep your food product safe with Machinfabrik’s Aquaclave and Auraclave

Offers equipment for deinsectisization, decontamination, and sterilization of foods
Keep your food product safe with Machinfabrik’s Aquaclave and Auraclave
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For the last 30 years, Machinfakbrik has worked proactively to provide vital technology in the field of sterilization, distillation, washing as well as freeze-drying for the life science industry. The team of engineers at the company is engaged in the process of innovating the processes, designs, applications, and software to ensure that customers are offered comprehensive solutions to meet their most critical needs.

Talking about the company, Anand Kotwal, founder and director, Machinfabrik says, “Machinfabrik’s focus is now on the food industry. The technologies related to deinsectisization and decontamination sterilization are aimed at longer shelf life without cold chain at ambient temperature and without any preservatives. The technologies have culminated in two equipment, Aquacalave (Wet Process) and Auraclave (Dry Process).”

Describing the equipment, Kotwal told us that Aquaclave is a superheated water spray sterilization process with counter-pressure control. The capabilities include sterilization of any liquid like milk and even viscous products satisfactorily as well as products like Ready to eat (RTE), culinary pastes, and baby foods among others. Aquaclave allows the widest choice for the primary packing like metal can, glass bottles, plastic bottles, retortable pouch , retortable trays and tubs, and more.

According to Kotwal, over the years, Machinfabrik has developed cutting-edge solutions for food processing systems. Their engineers have gained deep insight into the process and cycle development for a wide range of products and packaging materials. Talking about how the company focus on R&D and testing, he says, “With a view to ensure that our customers can benefit from this know-how, we have an in-house food testing lab. Whether it is conventional products like spice powders or highly innovative and technically complex products like senna leaves or herbal medicine, we provide initial feasibility testing & recipe management service at our food testing lab. Here, our application specialist accurately determines the process parameters that are best suited for a particular product.”

Recent trends and disruptions

Sharing his opinion on how the F&B companies cope with trends and disruptions in the sector, Kotwal says, “Manufacturers now have greater capital to invest through private financial institutions and through the government. People are ready to invest in small businesses, as they are doing successfully to get the best of the situation by implementing marketing strategies that will add value to the product.”

Talking about how globalization impacts the food industry, he says, “People are getting familiar with different foods and they want to try different food rather than trying typical Indian ethnic food. This is made possible due to continuous improvement in manufacturing technology a d involvement of IT. making machines cheaper & affordable.”

He adds, “Regional players are also focusing on quality, durability & marketing strategies in order to have better market reach & penetration.”

At ANUTECH/PackEx 2022

Speaking about ANUTEC, India's largest international fair for food and drink technology to be held in September 2022. Kotwal says, “Anutech is an innovative platform for the F&B industry where customers can actually showcase their products. Machinfabrik will be displaying the R&D model of aquaclave. Our Retort pilot scale model of commercial-scale machines which can also be used by emerging entrepreneurs as an R&D set-up to test & commercialize their food recipes will be displayed too.”

Commenting on the company’s expectations from the trade show, he says, “We have been regularly participating in this event which brings together suppliers and buyers from all across the globe under one roof to exchange new developments. We expect to explore opportunities in RTE segment, and also to meet manufacturers from the spice & herb domain.”

Vision and future plans

According to Kotwal, the company’s vision is to emerge as a world-class organization for process equipment by achieving customer satisfaction. Machinfabrik plans to manufacture world-class products through the process of continuous improvement & innovation. We look forward to developing products which will cater to the demands of customers.

With its head office located in Mumbai, Machinfabrik, with three manufacturing plants around the metropolis, is staffed with a team of 40 engineers and over 150 skilled technicians.

Meet Machinfabrik at Booth No M 78 at ANUTEC India from 14 to 16 September at BEC, Mumbai.

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