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Industrial hot-melt adhesive dispensing and packaging automation systems
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For over three decades, Mahisa Packaging Systems has been establishing the effectiveness of hot-melt dispensing in the packaging industry in India. The solutions help to maximize uptime and minimize operating costs with flexible design and simple operation.

Mahisa focuses on highly engineered machines, quality products, industry-leading innovations with the best technology, and strong customer relations. Every solution they provide is supported with application expertise and nationwide sales & service. Talking about the company, Parshva Shah, partner, Mahisa Packaging Systems, says, “With a dream of starting a self-owned manufacturing unit, Mahisa Electronics was incepted by Kamlesh Shah in 1986. He has successfully steered Mahisa Packaging Systems LLP with sheer determination and discipline. Mahisa was the pioneer in introducing hot melt to the mass packaging industry. The goal was to make equipment available for the same, which matched international standards at an accessible cost. The aim was to develop systems that could be used by the large unskilled and semi-skilled labor force.”

Shedding light on the company’s product portfolio, he says, “We manufacture systems for hot-melt adhesive dispensing for industrial use and semi-automatic equipment for the packaging industry. Our products are primarily targeted at the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry with products packed in inner cartons. Our products can also be used in any hot melt application, such as manufacturing facemasks, paperboard products, corrugated cartons, bottle & flask caps, scented candles, and much more. We are the only Indian company manufacturing such equipment. In addition, we cater to MSMEs that the high-end product manufacturers do not ideally target.”

Saving cost and time

Mahisa's products help industries efficiently package the products with the added benefits of saving time and cost. The product quality and finish are often hampered by traditional package bonding methods such as tapes, cold glues, and staples. Talking about the innovation at Mahisa, he explains, "With innovative solutions, we have been able to bring the quality and efficiency of higher-end products to the MSMEs at an affordable cost. This has opened an opportunity for us to cater to a market traditionally not addressed by the latest technology."

Low-cost automation solutions

The packaging technology industry is still on its growth path. A huge share of the market is remaining to be targeted. As the average Indian spending power is increasing, so is the consumption of FMCG products, new opportunities are opening. Shah adds, "We are also seeing many international manufacturers building their presence in India and introducing newer products designed specifically for the Indian consumer."

According to him, India still has a long way to make its presence known in the packaging technology sector and compete with the already established global players. "We have seen an upward trend in the recent years with many new companies entering the space. Currently, the industry is largely labour dependent in India. This sector will see a very quick adoption of the latest automation trends of the manufacturing sector. Along with the labour dependency, bringing down packaging costs is a key target. We are developing new low-cost automation solutions to bring the industry at par with international standards."

He emphasizes, "We need to create awareness about our capabilities, through initiatives like Make in India. We also need to enable and guide the growing younger workforce that will help contribute newer ideas and push for faster technological development."

PackEx India 2022

Speaking about their upcoming participation at PackEx, India's most prominent international fair for food and drink technology in September 2022, Shah says, "We will be displaying our entire range of products at PackEx. They include:

a. EcoPlus & EcoStar: manually dispensing hot-melt adhesive in industrial use

b. SpeedPack: semi-automated cartoning solutions for gluing & folding of manually filled boxes

c. StackPack: carton collating systems using hot-melt to eliminate plastic over-wrap

d. SmartPlot: XY glue plotters

e. Felix Gluer: The best XY glue plotter, from Poland, now in India

Talking about trade shows like ANUTEC/PackEx, he says, "Exhibitions help us to reach out to potential clients and display all our products in one place. These trade shows are a good opportunity to interact with the clients and answer their questions. These platforms help us expand our presence and identity in the highly competitive industry. We hope to generate new business leads and showcase our latest developments to our existing clientele."

The availability and use of hot-melt adhesives were at their nascent stage in India when the company was founded and has never looked back. He shares the company's future goals, "Our goal is to bring low-cost automation to the packaging industry using our expertise. In addition, we are working to take our products to the SME sector globally."

Mumbai-based Mahisa Packaging Systems has a pan-India presence. The company also exports its products to customers in countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, UAE, Morocco, Angola, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico to name a few. "We pride ourselves in our customer support. With over 30 years of existence, we have always strived to guide our customers appropriately and make sure they are satisfied with our systems."

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