Making high-value equipment for every packaging need, Mahisa Packaging Systems

Mahisa Packaging Systems taught the masses all about hot melt dispensing and the latest modes of packaging.
Making high-value equipment for every packaging need, Mahisa Packaging Systems

Founded in 1986 by Kamlesh Shah, Mahisa Packaging Systems is a family business, working with its second generation deals in the manufacturing of hot melt adhesive dispensing systems and creates packaging automation equipment. 

The company takes great pride in being the pioneer in introducing and establishing the effectiveness of hot melt dispensing in the packaging industry in India. Mahisa Packaging Systems claims to have challenged many packaging myths and installed the latest modes of packaging. The company believes its acute focus on quality is what sets them apart. 

“With a work span of over 36 years, we at Mahisa have made over 1500+ successful installations all over the country. In the last couple of years, Mahisa Packaging System has also dived into exporting goods to several neighboring countries as well,” shares Parshva Shah, partner, Mahisa Packaging Systems.

Making packaging simple 

Mahisa Packaging Systems assures to be the only Indian company catering to hot melt dispensing applications. “Several other international companies offer similar technology in this field but what we target is a very niche market with a low cost. It is customized in a way to benefit any customer who has packaging needs and can get a solution without having to invest in a fully automated line. We provide access to high-value equipment at a low cost customized for every manufacturer. Over the years with R&D team has also developed many new products catering to this segment of the market,” shares Shah.

Rising again post-pandemic

Just like every individual on the planet Mahisa Packaging Systems also faced the wrath of the pandemic. But keeping the spirit alive, the company kept the team together, then cut down and utilized this time to go back to the drawing board and come up with better products and new concepts that are never seen in the industry before.

Mahisa Packaging Systems at ANUTEC

Being a participant in the ANUTEC exhibition for the first time, Shah was more than pleased to share their great experience, “Since it’s our first time at ANUTEC, we planned to have every single detail shown. This platform is a great way to connect as all the big names we wish to target are here. Hence, we displayed our entire range, from the manual low-cost system for producing dispensing to some semi-automatic equipment for carton sealing.” 

He further adds, “We also took the liberty to showcase our latest technology at ANUTEC, it’s called stack pack which is used for pattern folding. Which eliminates the need for plastic by replacing it with hot melt. There's another product that we're showcasing called Smart plot, an XY glue plotter. It is a new product in the Indian market where one can upload a 2dimentional drawing and it will dispense the same.”

“We’ve got a long way to go, given the huge economy India holds, we wish to tap into every buyer’s packaging needs, and coming to this exhibition helped us get a view of what’s trending and required in the future,” Shah concludes. 

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