Netzsch offers a comprehensive range of grinding & dispersing solutions for confectionery mass production

Netzsch offers a comprehensive range of grinding & dispersing solutions for confectionery mass production
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Established in 1873, NETZSCH as a brand comes with decades of experience producing confectionery masses and the fine grinding of foodstuffs. With a vision of staying innovative, Netzsch is internationally-active partnered with sales and service locations in more than 35 countries.

Netzsch Grinding & Dispersing has been offering a comprehensive range of Grinding & Dispersing Solutions like Wet Grinding, Dry Grinding, Mixer/De-Aerator, Laboratory Machines, System/Plants, Netzsch-Grinding Beads, etc. for the multitude of more than 15 industries.

Anton Benjamin, general manager, NETZSCH India Grinding & Dispersing, says, "Worldwide, NETZSCH supports confectionery mass production initiatives from raw materials to finished product. To ensure the success of your investment, NETZSCH undertakes the planning and implementation of new production lines and trains plant personnel. Our state-of-the-art testing facility offers a full range of capabilities. Here you can test new recipes or optimize the production of existing products."

Along with that, the Netzsch Confectionery also offers state-of-the-art testing facility capabilities for solutions, such as:

  • Cocoa processing

  • Chocolate manufacturing

  • Sugar processing

The vast range of products manufactured by the company includes fine grinding, mixing of solids in liquid, and conching of chocolate masses for the food and confectionery industry.

Benjamin says about the company in detail, "You profit from economical, energy-efficient production processes that meet the highest standards of hygiene and from the greatest production and investment security that comes from the many years of NETZSCH experience in the food industry."

With technical know-how in wet grinding and dry grinding, NETZSCH Confectionery offers machinery and solution for the manufacturing of Chocolate mass, Compounds, Coatings and covertures, Filing cream with rework, Rework of wafer and nuts, Spreads, Refining of cocoa liquor, Fine grinding of sugar, Fine grinding of cocoa press cake and shell, Duration of coatings, Direct processing of crystal sugar and cocoa nibs, and more.

The Netzsch Confectionery team at the moment is equipped with a laboratory in Selb, Bavaria, and Germany, which serves exclusively the chocolate industry where one can

  • Test – Meet your desires and requirements

  • Develop New Product – Formulate and make your own unique chocolate with no hesitation

  • Optimize Production – Scale up your production requirements

"In the White Lab, Germany, an area has been set up solely for food and confectionery applications, customers can run trials and test the product on rheology, particle size, moisture, and others," Benjamin proudly shares.

He adds, "The results serve as a basis for customers' decision-making and for Netzsch to satisfy the customer by meeting their needs and demands. For the grinding and dispersing projects, we also maintain applications laboratories in Hanau (Germany), Exton, PA (USA), Shanghai (China), Tula (Russia), and Pomerode (Brazil). Research and testing are often conducted with our customers at these centers."

Participating in ANUTEC- International FoodTec India 2022

Excited to participate in the most awaited trade show for food industries, Harun Rasheed, asst. manager - Sales Business Field - Food & Confectionery Sales, says, "At ANUTEC, we look forward to meeting potential customers face to face as that means a lot in the exhibition and ANUTEC provides us connectivity with market leaders. When you attend trade shows in various regions of the country, you can expand your customer base and that's what this particular show has done so far".

He added that the expectation is to have more connections and an opportunity to create awareness within the market of the technology that NETZSCH delivers. The more visitors visit, the success rate eventually increases.

Insight into plans

Talking about business goals, "Our ultimate aim is to be connected with business professionals and clients. Many of our clients want us to deliver solutions that are helping them achieve quality production most efficiently," Rasheed concludes.

Visit and meet the team in person at Booth No. D06 at ANUTEC- International FoodTec India 2022 at BEC, Mumbai from 14 to 16 September 2022.

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