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Supplier of unloading, conveying, mixing, and packaging projects/products for bulk material processing
Prochem at Anutech- International FoodTec India 2021
Prochem at Anutech- International FoodTec India 2021

Pune-based Prochem is a fast-emerging business offering powder handling solutions for various industries vertical around the globe. Prochem offers customized powder handling solutions by supplying unloading, conveying, mixing, milling, and packing the powder product. The company caters to the food, chemical, plastic, and pharma industry processes like reactor charging under an inert atmosphere, wet cake handling, post-drying process, and packaging in closed-loop solutions, among others.

Shashi Rai, director, Prochem, says, “We work on understanding your challenge first and then offer the most optimal solution for it with our machines/applications. We are committed to delivering exceptional manufacturing solutions. Hence, we have witnessed consistent growth & achieved long-term success with our customers across the globe.”

The products offered by Prochem include a bag dumping station, big bag unloading station, powder transfer system, screw conveyor, drag tube conveyor, lean phase conveying, dense phase conveying, conical blender, pneumatic blender, ribbon blender, cone mill, delumper, small bag filling machine, big bag filling machine, silo, bins and other accessories such as a dust collector, rotary airlock valve, vibro-sifter, bin activators, pneumatic fluidizer among others.

Rai believes that in the Indian food processing technology, innovation is essential to refine traditional equipment and processes for producing different food feeds, fibers, and materials of the best quality and higher capacity. He says, “We developed a wider range of powder handling solutions that can contribute additional value to the powder handling solution.”

These powder handling solutions offered by Prochem include:

  • Unloading System- Specially designed semi-automatic and fully automatic, it takes care to unload material at a higher rate to achieve scale. They can be linked to various process activities.

  • Drag Tube Conveyor System - It is designed to ease the cleaning and maintenance concerning hygiene parameters.

  • Pneumatic Conveying System -It handles the powder as a “No Powder Retention” solution with high conveying capacity for the low-density product in an efficient & effective way. The Dense Phase and Lean Phase conveying systems are designed based on the material characteristics and properties.

  • Bagging Systems - We offer the best customize small and jumbo bag packaging solution with a high bagging rate and accuracy.

  • Loss and Weigh Feeder - These specially made feeders will dose additives accurately.

  • Blending System - Our blenders are tailored and made with options of CIP (Clean In Place) arrangement and liquid component addition.

  • Storage System - We offer specially designed storage media that will be customized based on the client’s requirements. It will retain the aroma and flavors of the product retained or stored.

According to Rai, the consumer is more oriented toward ready-to-cook/eat and instant food, which is fuelling the advanced technological boom. Companies need to make their food processing technology more sustainable, efficient, and effective to cater to these demands. He adds, "Due to the rise in population, there is a high demand for food processing or packing system. We need to develop high-technology solutions to fulfill the demand. The overall economic set-up of a country is accelerated by a strong and dynamic food processing sector."


Conveying his excitement for the upcoming trade show ANUTEC, India's largest international fair for food and drink technology to be held in September 2022, he says, "ANUTEC International FoodTec India is India's leading platform for the F&B processing industry. This event helps us to develop business connections across the globe to explore new opportunities in the food and beverage industry. The event also gives us an insight into the latest trends and solutions."

He adds, "We plan to introduce you to our customizing powder handling solution. Our product range includes big bag unloading station, powder transfer system, (pts), screw conveyor, ribbon blender, cone mill, delumper, small bag filling machine, big bag filling machine, spray dryer, and other accessories such as rotary airlock valve, and vibro-sifter."

Prochem expects a global reach to the business leaders in various food industry segments. "We can offer our powder handling solution for the betterment of operational processes," he adds.

Rai shares the company's vision, “We want to create a unified brand-Prochem that is recognized globally for working closely with clients to deliver integrated manufacturing solutions and foster product innovation to expand our range of offerings.”

“We recently launched our new product of spray drying system and we want to serve the food color, food flavor, protein powder, nutraceuticals, and other food products segments,” Rai concludes.

Meet Prochem team at ANUTEC International FoodTec India at Booth no. H 60 at from 14 to 16 September 2022.

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