Safesurge offers latest inspection technologies & automation solutions for food

Safesurge offers latest inspection technologies & automation solutions for food
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New Delhi-based Safesurge Inspection Technologies is a pioneer in the field of Inspection and Automation Technologies. The inspection division emphasizes foreign contamination detection in food products of varied nature, whereas the automation division showcases its capabilities when it comes to streamlining the production processes and limiting the human intervention that goes into the manufacturing process.

Safesurge Inspection Technologies is a manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of checkweigher systems, weighing indicators, laboratory viscometer, moisture analyzer, clean room equipment, pharmaceutical machine parts, storage tanks, etc. The company has been at the forefront in providing safer machines and equipment to handle food products with or without packaging. In addition, the company also offers solutions related to inspection systems across India and other markets, including Bangladesh, Nepal, and other parts of the globe.

Explaining further about the inspection division, Sajag Grover, business development manager, Safesurge Inspection Technologies, adds, "From liquids, meat, packaged food, snacks, and bakery items, we endeavor to keep your products safe and hygienic. We also focus on the online monitoring of the products before they leave the factory and are ready to hit the shelves. Our products are state of the art and help you get real-time data of your product's quality."

He explains the automation division, "Our automation solutions include material handling solutions where we custom design and manufacture solutions according to a company's requirements. We also help companies in designing Track and Trace Solutions which help them in the traceability of their products when they are out in the market and help avoid any conflict the companies might have while their products go through various channels of distribution."

Focus on R&D – Adding new products to the portfolio

According to Grover, Safesurge is investing and focusing heavily on Innovation and R&D, this year. He informs, "Though we have continuously spent our times and energies in doing so, 2022 will be a special year when Safesurge will be coming out with not 1 or 2 but a host of new products for On line Moisture Analysing, Bulk Solids handling, Spiral Conveyors and Telescopic Conveyors. Our innovative solutions will be based on our ever-changing customer needs and the dynamic FMCG industry." The company is bringing solutions that will save power, increase efficiencies, increase outputs for its customers, and reduce dependence on human interaction.

At ANUTEC India 2022

Grover speaks about the participation at ANUTEC India 2022, "At ANUTEC India exhibition we will be showcasing our Inspection Technologies including Checkweighers, Metal Detectors, X-Rays and Online Moisture Analysers. The interesting launch is of our Online Moisture Analysers from our partners in Germany) and Tube Chain Conveyors with which we intend to disrupt the food industry and we are very excited to see how the industry receives it."

" at ANUTEC India 2022, we are looking to extend our customer base and for new challenges from the Food Industry where we can showcase our Technical Superiority and expertise in developing solutions for them. We are looking to connect with new companies to explore new possibilities and learn new applications of our products."

Commenting on the disruptions caused by the pandemic and upcoming trends, Grover states, "The past few years have been challenging for almost all the industries, and F&B industry was still very well placed as against its peers but we are also cautiously watching the industry trends and we are also looking at how the industry will be reacting now on because recent developments in the past six months have made things volatile and all the companies see a cost pressure across categories. I think the F&B industry because it is flexible & dynamic, will come up with some innovative ideas and come out victorious."

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