Superpack Packaging Machines displayed machine disk, filling machine, powder filling machine, and much more at PackEx 2022

Emphasis on quality inputs, good manufacturing practices, and aesthetics are our prime concerns.
Superpack Packaging Machines displayed machine disk, filling machine, powder filling machine, and much more at PackEx 2022

Superpack Packaging Machines has its manufacturing facility in Hyderabad and is into design manufacture and supply of high-quality automatic and semi-automatic filling machines in single and multi-head variants. Superpack manufactures filling lines for powders, viscous and free-flowing liquids, granular products, pickles, and pastes. The company was set up in 1995 and was the brainchild of a technocrat with 22 years of professional multinational experience and exposure to international design and development, in the packaging machinery industry.

Adhikar Jaitley, head of marketing, Superpack Packaging Machines, said, “With factories in Devon, it manufactures moving machines of filling lines for filling production bottles, gas tents, liquid filling with clustering pickle filling, powder filling, and renewal filling machines. The company does its marketing and servicing from Delhi. Unlike many other packaging providers we give a complete line with filling, capping, induction sealing, and lifting”.

R&D and innovations

The plan to grow Superpack Packaging Machines is focusing on their technological upgradation along with productivity enhancement. The company's prime concern is to emphasize quality inputs, good manufacturing practices, and aesthetics.

He informed, “We intend to add on special features to our machines, to provide multifarious choices for our customers, given the growing demands, in line with GMP, HACCP and CE standards, so that we would be at par with the machines available in the international market, the primary objective being delivering a quality product to our customers at the right time”.

At PackEx India 2022

The machines designed by Superpack Packaging Machines conform to high standards of quality and require minimum maintenance. With a team of people for quality control who ensure the reliability, efficiency, and hassle-free performance of our machines. Their range of filling machines is very much in demand in the countries of the Middle East and Africa. They also cater to clients scattered over different parts of India and the Indian subcontinent such as Bangladesh.

Jaitley stated, “Even during Covid though we were working from home, all our sales were pretty much intact. But now the market has picked up better. We have a better response now. Post-COVID is better.”

He then informed, “At PackEx, we are displaying our machine disk display at one forehead versus filling machine, a head powder filling machine, a capping machine, and a sticker labeling machine this year. While exhibiting our newest and finest machines we expect a good footfall on our booth”.

The road ahead

The company has very ambitious plans of growing at the rate of 50 to 60% year on year, in terms of turnover, by adding new products, keeping in view the International and domestic market and the ever-increasing demands of the present-day user and providing complete line integration right from filling up to final packaging in cartons, so that the customer has single-point solutions for their packaging needs.

The company already has the best manufacturing facilities, but to achieve the growth plans, they would be going in for state-of-the-art, capacity enhancement by revamping their machinery with the latest technological developments, to keep abreast of quality and production volumes.

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