TEBillion delivers seamless, integrated and customized solutions to fulfill client requirements

TEBillion delivers seamless, integrated and customized solutions to fulfill client requirements

Intending to create a paradigm shift to better serve organizations, TEBillion came to life. The TEBillion solutions are flexible, fully customizable, and tailored to each individual business's unique needs and processes in a cost-efficient way. Founded in 2018, TEBillion has helped a wide variety of customers worldwide, from industries such as healthcare and market research, as well as growing SMEs to large corporations. It is a part of an ardent group with offices in New York, London and Mumbai.

While talking about the company Aakash Revo, senior manager, TEBillion, said, "We, as part of the Ardent Group, have been delivering engineering excellence for over 20 years. We are catering entire SAARC from the Mumbai office. We are a SaaS-based product company making software of complex natures for industrial companies and the IoT product, these are custom build software that can scale up at any level within no time. That's the beauty of the SAAS-based products that we do."

He added, "With the mission to empower you to grow your business, reduce costs and improve productivity. We provide solutions to establish software frameworks ready to be deployed quickly and efficiently to deliver seamless, integrated, and customized solutions to fulfill client requirements."

R&D and innovations

Revo said, "We already had a vision of creating a sales automation platform, which is a product we developed in 2013 by the name of TEB. This platform helps you manage all your sales activities, salespeople, calls, and follow-ups for the leads you can qualify. Post that, you can create a code using the qualification, which will allow you to order and, eventually, you can bill. Further, you can define credit lines in the product. So in essence, you can maintain all your revenue through one single platform and have a one-view dashboard of the entire business health of your organization."

At Food Logistics India/ANUTEC

Speaking about their participation in the event, Revo stated, "The aim was to get penetrated into Indian market to meet more and more packaging industry as we are serving a lot of packaging industry. We have clients across the globe, especially in the African and European markets. We have got a couple of clients here in this event, one among them is in hall number 1 who is already using our product."

He added, "It is our first time of attending this exhibition. The first day has been brilliant. We have met a lot of prospects here now. The prospecting would be converted into clients, hopefully. In the industry that we can see as an all-software company, we're looking to help them out. And it's a brilliant platform to get a software organization and connect to the manufacturer, the lead and the dealer distribution network. Being able to connect in one single platform. We are looking forward to the next year as well."

The road ahead

While talking about the vision and future plans of TEBillion, Revo shared, "Our vision is very clear. The vision is to reach AI and artificial intelligence products in which you would understand the scope of the lead that you would be getting. For example, what is the conversion ratio for that? Is it worth pursuing the lead deal or not? So everything would be done through a lot of data understanding that would be done through the product TEB again, and you would have a targeted approach towards your deals."

To gain more knowledge about their products and solutions, plan your visit and meet the TEBillion team at ANUTEC, Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai.

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