Aava natural mineral water becomes India’s first brand to have an in-house water sommelier

Avanti Mehta, Indian certified water sommelier by FineWater Academy
Avanti Mehta, Indian certified water sommelier by FineWater Academy Photo - Aava

Are you conscious of the mineral water you consume? Avanti Mehta, Indian certified water sommelier, and brand manager at Aava, believes that the more we think about what we drink, the more we will care for the planet. Water is a precious resource, integral to wellness and, it must be valued. Avanti was certified by FineWater Academy – a globally renowned institute founded by the world’s most famous water sommelies, Michael Mascha and Martin Riese.

As a certified water sommelier Avanti tastes, evaluates, and educates others about water and its unique origin, minerality, and taste. Natural mineral water from protected natural sources has terroir, much like wine, and can elevate a fine-dining experience when paired with the right food and spirits. “Water menus are popular in Italy and America, however in India, mineral water is synonymous with RO purified and packaged drinking waters which ironically have no minerals in them. We care so much about what we eat, and not what we drink even though 60% of our body is water. Natural mineral water like Aava has naturally occurring minerals, which give it a unique taste and are essential for wellness. It is also bottled without RO and other purification processes, which cause 75% water rejection. As a water sommelier, I want people to realize the difference so they can make better, more sustainable choices for their well-being and the planet’s,” said Avanti Mehta, water sommelier, creative director & brand manager, Aava Natural Mineral Water.

 "Out of 5000 licensed processed water brands, India has only about 30 licensed natural mineral water brands. As far as I know, only one, Aava, has a water sommelier to create experiences with water. Avanti has been a great candidate, and we have been delighted to recently certify her as a water sommelier in India from the Fine Water Academy,” says Michael Mascha. Given that as of 2019 there were only 112 water sommeliers accounted for globally with even fewer female water sommeliers, Avanti Mehta’s accreditation at the age of 29 is unique not only for Aava water and India but also for the world. “It's amazing to see the next generation taking up the idea that water is not just water but a natural product with a terroir that holds experiences and gives wellness. We look forward to Avanti's contribution to the category,” said Martin Reise and Michael Mascha.

Aava has been internationally awarded and recognized as one of India’s most premium natural mineral waters since 2005, with a PAN-India footprint, and served in the best hotels, institutions, and airlines. Being a part of a thriving family business, the last 17 years trained Avanti with a unique understanding of the water industry in India. However, it is Aava and her family’s focus on ethical water sourcing and biodiversity conservation that inspired Avanti to be a water sommelier. “I was 13 when my father, Behram Mehta launched our family business Aava Water. He’s always maintained that we don’t bottle water – we bottle trust and wellness. From ethical water sourcing with zero rejection, and constant groundwater recharge, to efficient plastic recycling, and advocating for laws that protect and preserve the natural ecosystem of the Aava source – there’s so much more to a natural mineral water business than just bottling. Bottled natural mineral water has the smallest water and energy use footprint of any packaged beverage,” says Mehta. The indigenous flora and fauna in Aava’s bottling environment inspired the packaging. As of 2020, Aava is also one of India’s only plastic-neutral water brands that recycle more PET than produced.

During the pandemic, to ensure easy access to healthy and safe natural mineral water, Aava expanded its online footprint and today services more than 150,000 loyal patrons in more than 780 zip codes through its e-commerce channels. It also subsidized its offerings to efficiently service hospitals, migrant camps, frontline officials, medical professionals, and patients. “Aava has always been at the forefront of providing easy and efficient access to premium natural mineral water, that’s sourced sustainably and essential for wellness at relatively economical costs. Avanti’s contribution to Aava with her world-class training and experience, adds tremendous value to the brand, and will also help raise awareness about the value of natural mineral water. It’s our most precious resource,” says Behram Mehta, deirector, Aava Natural Mineral Water.

Aava has just launched its Sparkling Water range and will be expanding its offerings to include functional beverages with tangible benefits in the future. Given Aava’s unique silica composition, the brand is also innovating with skincare and will launch new products soon. 

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