Amrapali Foods pioneers India's first D2C delivery of GI tagged Shahi Litchis from Bihar

GI tagged Shahi Litchis
GI tagged Shahi Litchis Photo - Amrapali Foods

Amrapali Foods, with more than 30 years of experience in processing Litchis, proudly announces the launch of India's first-ever Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) delivery service for Shahi Litchis. These regal fruits, synonymous with the Muzaffarpur district of Bihar, are now available for discerning consumers nationwide. 

Shahi Litchis, aptly named the 'Queen of Litchis,' boasts unparalleled qualities that set them apart:

  1. GI Tagged Excellence: The Shahi Litchis are the only ones among the five to six litchi varieties cultivated in Bihar to have been granted the esteemed Geographical Indication (GI) designation. This distinction validates their genuineness and emphasizes their distinctive attributes, setting them apart from alternative cultivars. 

  2. Fragrance and Flavor: Shahi Litchis are well-known for their captivating aroma and succulent flesh. Every mouthful offers a sugary flavor, making them an appealing summer delicacy. Their strong fragrance and juicy consistency distinguish them from other types, making them popular among fruit fans throughout their specific season. 

  3. Smaller Seeds, Bigger Taste: Shahi Litchis are distinctive due to their reduced seed size, which allows for a greater proportion of juicy, edible flesh. Their exceptional flavor distinguishes them from other types, providing a delightful and fragrant sensation. The GI tag conveys more than just origin; it signifies quality, tradition, and distinctiveness. Just as Champagne hails exclusively from the Champagne region of France, Shahi Litchis are the true ambassadors of Bihar's fertile soil and skilled cultivation. 

Nikhil Singh, director and chief executive officer of Amrapali Foods, said," Amrapali Shahi Litchi Boxes encapsulate the premium of GI-tagged Shahi Litchis. Every box of Original Shahi Litchis contains authentic litchis meticulously chosen at dawn. The meticulous procedure entails pre-cooling and sulfur treatment to maintain the product's freshness and eliminate harmful germs. To ensure consistency, only litchis devoid of twigs and leaves are selected, and size grading ensures each litchi has an average weight of 25g. The premium set comprises four punnet boxes weighing 500g and featuring appealing craftsmanship. Storing litchis in a refrigerator can extend their shelf life, while cold chain logistics guarantee their delivery in a fresh and refrigerated condition."

He expressed his enthusiasm, "Our D2C service brings the essence of Bihar's orchards directly to consumers. Shahi Litchis are a royal indulgence, and we're thrilled to share them nationwide. Over the next 3 to 5 years, we want to offer to the world Fruits, Food, and other products that are GI Tagged and a speciality of Bihar."

Early customers enjoy special discounts and free shipping on orders.

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