Angel Yeast & ffit8 partner to launch nougat protein bar and protein nougat snack

Angel Yeast & ffit8 partner to launch nougat protein bar and protein nougat snack

Angel Yeast, a global leader in yeast manufacturing, has teamed up with healthy food brand ffit8 to unveil two innovative products: the nougat protein bar and protein nougat snack. These new offerings, featuring Angel Yeast's protein, were introduced at the 2024 Food & Beverage Innovation Forum held from June 25 to 27 in Shanghai, China.

FBIF 2024 is a premier F&B industry tradeshow in the Asia Pacific, attracting over 900 leading enterprises and brands and 47,000 global visitors.

Inspired by traditional Chinese nougat, these new products maintain the classic creamy taste and chewy texture while using a sugar-free marshmallow mixture for a healthier option. Angel Yeast's protein contributes a unique fermentation flavor, blending seamlessly with soy and whey proteins to enhance the bars.

The protein nougat contains only 1.5 percent sugar, significantly less than regular nougat, and provides 7.6 times more protein than raw milk and 3.7 times more fiber than the national standard, making it ideal for children and the elderly.

Yeast Protein: A New Era in Nutrition

Angel Yeast's alternative protein solution offers significant nutritional and cost advantages. While whey protein costs have risen, yeast protein, extracted from natural brewer's yeast, can be produced continuously and contains all eight essential amino acids.

Yeast protein boasts a 47 percent total amino acid content, higher than whey and plant-based proteins, and an 80 percent protein content with a 96 percent utilization rate.

This protein is now widely used in vegan meat, high-protein sausages, vegan cheese, dairy drinks, frozen meals, snacks, baking, protein bars, functional foods, and sports nutrition, showcasing its vast potential.

"Yeast protein, as a novel food ingredient, is revolutionizing the industry's understanding of fermentation nutrients. Our collaboration with ffit8 introduces this innovative protein to consumers quickly, and we anticipate more partnerships and successes that will further enhance the food industry," said Li Ku, deputy general manager of the Center of Yeast Protein Nutrition and Flavoring Technology.

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