Bira 91 partners with VAHDAM India to launch the Chamomile Tea Lager, a limited-edition beer

Brewed with VAHDAM India’s Chamomile Mint Citrus Green Tea
Bira 91 partners with VAHDAM India to launch the Chamomile Tea Lager, a limited-edition beer
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Bira 91, the world’s fastest growing premium beer company has partnered with global wellness brand, VAHDAM India to launch the Chamomile Tea Lager, a one-of-a-kind tea-based beer. Brewed to perfection, the beer is a unique rendition that takes the flavor innovation game in the industry to a whole new level and will be exclusively available at Bira 91 Limited Release Taproom in Koramangala and Bengaluru International Airport starting September 8, 2022.

The Chamomile Tea Lager has been brewed with a special blend of high-quality green tea, pure chamomile, and dried orange peels, which makes this beer crisp, zesty and refreshing. The beer is extremely sessionable, easy to drink and an ode to the comfort we seek in a hot cup of tea on a rainy day, or a chilled beer after a long day's work!

"VAHDAM is excited to partner with Bira 91, a brand which has revolutionized the beer category in India and built a diverse portfolio of beers. With consumers penchant to try new flavors and combinations, I’m looking forward to consumer’s response to taking teas to the beer space” said Bala Sarda, founder, VAHDAM India.

Excited to announce the collaboration, Ankur Jain, founder and chief executive officer, Bira 91, said, “We are extremely excited to partner with VAHDAM India and bring a concoction of two of India’s most loved drinks, Tea and Beer, the Chamomile Tea Lager. At Bira 91, we believe in forging partnerships with like-minded, homegrown brands that are working towards pushing the envelope to curate bespoke experiences for consumers.”

The Chamomile Tea lager debuts at Bira 91 Taproom in Bangalore on Sep 10, 2022. Bira 91 Taproom is the company's innovation hub where a new beer is released every week. The launch of this beer will see tasting sessions and offers as well as live performances by artists like Aditi Ramesh and Kenneth Moses.

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