Cargill launches poultry feed with essential oils for maximized egg production

Improved Nutrena NatureWise formulas boost overall wellness, happiness and productivity of backyard chickens
Cargill launches poultry feed with essential oils for maximized egg production

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Backyard poultry owners want natural, wholesome feeds that help their birds thrive, keep their eggs strong and keep coops fresh. Cargill is delivering on this demand by adding essential oils to its Nutrena Naturewise poultry feeds. The natural* essential oils promote egg weight, size and production, enhanced palatability, and a fresh aroma direct from the bag.

“We listened to what poultry owners and soon-to-become owners want most and expected from their poultry feed,” said Stephanie Poupart, poultry strategic marketing manager in Cargill’s animal nutrition business. “We made their desire for feeds that contribute to healthier, happier chicken flocks, stronger eggs and fresher coops our call to action in developing the new NatureWise products.”

In addition to the egg weight, size improvements and feed palatability enhancements NatureWise feeds offers:

  • FlockShield proprietary ingredient mix helps maintain a healthy gut and strengthens the immune system,

  • Prebiotics, probiotics and yeast culture to support optimum digestion and nutrient absorption,

  • Vitamin D3 to promote calcium absorption and strong eggshells,

  • Plant extracts to support healthy bird growth and bone formation, and

  • Yucca schidigera extract to aid in the control of manure odor.

During an 8-week observational study of nine backyard flocks fed NatureWise Layer Feed, owners documented pleasant aroma experiences when opening the bag of feed. Birds had a better appearance, laid more eggs (with deeper golden yolks, stronger eggshells and superior quality overall), and appeared to enjoy their feed more, had more energy and seemed “happy.”

Now available nationwide, the NatureWise lineup includes Layer 16% Pellet, Layer 16% Crumble, Hearty Hen Soy-Free, Free-Range Egg Producer, Feather Fixer, All Flock Pellet, All Flock Crumble, Meatbird, and Chick Starter Grower (updated formula available January 2022). For more information about the new NatureWise poultry feeds and to find the nearest dealer, visit or dealer-locator. In addition, shoppers who purchase NatureWise poultry feed between October 1st and November 15th can enter to win a year’s worth of feed and receive a valuable coupon with the See the Difference Challenge at or NatureWise.

*As defined by AAFCO – the American Association of Feed Control Officials

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