Chr. Hansen’s Innovation Campus is officially open

Chr. Hansen’s Innovation Campus is officially open
Photo - Chr. Hansen

With the new future-proof facilities for research & development Chr. Hansen is even better positioned as a preferred supplier of microbial solutions to the global food, health and agricultural industries.

In addition to the labs, a new state-of-the-art dairy application center is expected to be ready by 2024, where Chr. Hansen, together with customers from all over the world, can test and tailor-make new and innovative products in a realistic production environment.

New ways of working

In today's fast-changing world, with technological advancements, learnings from the COVID lockdowns and global collaboration, the old ways of working need to change – to facilitate growth and welcome new methods that boost creativity, teamwork and personal efficiency in inspiring settings with better opportunities for cross-functional teamwork.

The campus is built to achieve this as a modern center for innovation, knowledge-sharing and customer support for the future, and an inspiring and efficient workplace for the employees.

In the middle of nature

In the architecture and layout of the new campus, it has been a priority to fully exploit the access to daylight and the surrounding green area in close interaction with nature, well in line with the fact that nature is the source of our products.

Natural stone has been used for the façade, wood has been used instead of concrete in the load-bearing structures and most of the new furniture has ecolabels. The company mentioned, "On the roof of one of the buildings, the company has installed solar panels that will generate enough energy every year to power about 32 four-people households, and as 129 trees had to be removed to make room for the new buildings, planted 129 new trees at the Campus so nothing has been wasted."

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