Corbion set to start up fermentation at new site in North America for in-house production of vinegar

Corbion set to start up fermentation at new site in North America for in-house production of vinegar
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Corbion's newly acquired vinegar production facility in Montgomery, Alabama, will help the preservation leader improve responsiveness and security of supply, and deliver room to grow in the market for simpler labeling and nature-based ingredient solutions.

Corbion, the fermentation powerhouse and renowned innovator in natural preservation technologies, is vertically integrating vinegar production with a new North American plant. The investment will enable the production of patented vinegar solutions currently manufactured using third-party drying operations and the company's liquid blending site in Blair, Nebraska.

The investment fortifies Corbion’s ability to supply customers with ingredient solutions that deliver both effectiveness and the simpler product labeling consumers continue to demand in meats, bakery, and culinary foods. The new site, located in Montgomery, Alabama, is expected to be operational in September 2023.

"Increasing our own production capacity within Corbion comes with a number of advantages for our company and our customers," said Andy Muller, president, Sustainable Food Solutions. "In addition to reducing our supply risks, it gives us greater control over quality,the decreases complexity in our supply chain, and enhances our competitiveness and responsiveness to customer needs. It also means we're better prepared for growth in the market."

The USD $6 billion global vinegar market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.5% between 2023 and 2030, according to Data Bridge Market Research. Much of the growth in the market is tied to vinegar's effectiveness in food preservation and safety interventions, as more consumers embrace the familiarity of vinegar in product ingredient lists.

Corbion was among the early leaders of label-friendly solutions for food manufacturers more than a decade ago, supplying vinegar ingredients for shelf life extension, pathogen control and flavor modulation. The company offers a range of vinegars under the Verdad® brand to deliver multiple, label-friendly benefits that also include retaining moisture, reducing sodium content and increasing the stability of meat products.

The Montgomery site will provide greater production flexibility and better position the company for future growth in alignment with its Advance 2025 strategy.

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