Cornitos: A season of flavor and festivities

Cornitos: A season of flavor and festivities
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No festivity in India is ever complete without some mouthwatering snacks. As every festival comes up around the corner families get excited and grandmothers prepare their special goodies. The most exciting festival coming up in the next few months is Rakshabandhan, celebrating the bond between siblings. This festive season give your loved ones a surprise with a Cornitos Festive Pack. Celebrate your bond and have lots of fun. With their delightful range of carefully curated treats, a Cornitos Festive Pack will definitely bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Cornitos Festive Packs have a range of snacks to choose from, each with its own mix of healthy and delicious snacks. These Festive Packs all come in beautiful packaging that truly resemble the spirit of festivities. All the snacks are healthy and gluten-free, making them a perfect in-between-meals snack. You can buy these Festive Packs to spruce up your own festivities or gift them to your friends and family. There are 5 types of Festive Packs, so that you can have one for each occasion -

The Cornitos Party Pack is something you want to have at every family party. The pack comes with flavorful two Nachos 150g packs along with an exciting Party Nut Mix 200g. In case you want to bring even more snack-power along with these 2 packs then you have to go for the Cornitos Festive Blaaast containing 5 packets of flavour-packed nachos 55g.

If you have brothers, sisters or any other loved ones who are calorie-conscious then for them you can bring the Utsava Nuts Gift Packs. These are a range of festive hampers filled with goodies that come in these beautiful reusable jute bags. Inside them, there are 4 resealable and multi-use packs of 5 different options ranging from healthy nuts like cashews to flavourful nachos. These options all come in different portion sizes and prices. And last but not the least, the Cornitos Pop N Crunch Gift packs, which are as fun and delicious as they sound. The POP N Crunch is Nuts Gift Packs - Gluten and Cholesterol-free while being rich in fibre and they are perfect for a small gathering with your loved ones.

Cornitos is a snack for all ages - Children, Teens or Adults. You can shop for the gift packs at -

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