CP Foods’ chicken gets ready for the space mission

Improving Thai food safety standards for astronauts
CP Foods’ chicken gets ready for the space mission
Photo - CP Foods

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company (CP Foods) is embarking on a stellar new venture: sending their chicken into space as part of the Thai Food – Mission to Space program. The company is collaborating with two global partners, Nanoracks, the US leading provider of space innovation, and mu Space and Advanced Technology, a manufacturer of space technology solutions in Southeast Asia, to send the chicken to space. This spearheads a unique initiative to elevate Thai chicken's safety standards to those required for space-grade food - some of the strictest known to mankind. 

The chicken products associated with the project will be subjected to rigorous certification processes to ensure their compliance with stringent space safety standards, thus making them astronaut-friendly. 

The realization of this endeavor will be an important milestone for CP Foods, solidifying the global recognition and compliance of their chicken's safety standards with the demanding Space Food Safety Standards. This aligns with NASA's uncompromising food safety requirements, boosting Thailand's national pride for adhering to the most elevated safety standards worldwide. 

Photo - CP Foods

Alongside this revolutionary initiative, CP Foods will host a forum titled "Thai Food - Mission to Space", which will bring together international experts to discuss the elevation of Thai food to space-level safety standards. This forum will examine the significance of meeting space standards for Thai food, the innovations transforming the Thai livestock industry, and the sector's future implications.  

The forum's speakers include former NASA astronaut Michael Massimino, former NASA’s food scientist Miss Vickie Kloeris, and several highly respected individuals from the scientific, medical, and livestock development sectors. 

Photo - CP Foods

Prasit Boondoungprasert, chief executive officer of CP Foods, asserted that this groundbreaking initiative showcases the company's commitment to the safety of its chicken meat, positioning it among the world's most trusted meat brands. The quest to achieve Space Food Safety Standards is anticipated to bring immense national pride to Thailand. 

"At CP Foods, our top priority is food safety and quality. Our collaborations with experts like NANORACKS LLC and MU Space have cemented our readiness to demonstrate that Thai chicken adheres to space-level safety standards. Our chickens will be subjected to rigorous safety and quality standards checks, including exhaustive inspections for residues and contaminants as per NASA's requirements," said chief executive officer Prasit. 

Former NASA astronaut, Michael James Massimino, stressed the need for residue-free, safe food for astronauts due to its long-term health impacts. NASA food scientist Miss Vickie Kloeris praised CP Foods for adhering to stringent safety and nutritional standards, ensuring that CP chicken is free from antibiotics, chemical residues, and harmful pathogens. 

"Thaifood Mission to Space is an excellent initiation. It not only ensures the astronauts' well-being with a diverse and secure diet but also elevates global food safety standards, benefiting consumers worldwide. Additionally, it contributes to establishing Thai chicken meat as a reputable brand," expressed Michael. 

Not only will astronauts have access to safe and varied foods, but this will also ensure the safety of food for consumers around the world, thereby enhancing the international reputation of Thai cuisine,” said Michael.  

Vickie Kloeris, a food scientist with 34 years of experience working at NASA's laboratory, stated that scientists ensure the food astronauts consume provides them with the highest level of food safety, along with a balanced supply of vitamins and minerals. The food must be free from contamination and undergo disinfection. "I am very impressed with the standard of chicken meat production at CP Foods. The chickens are raised without the use of antibiotics and hormones, ensuring that Thai chicken meets NASA's food safety standards. It is certainly a delight for the astronauts up there to experience the Thai chicken menu from Thailand.  

"As a space food scientist, I am thrilled for the pilots to embark on a gastronomic adventure and experience the tantalizing flavors of Thai cuisine," Vickie enthusiastically remarked.  

CP Foods sets the course for space with its Thai chicken, it reiterates its dedication to safety and innovation. This venture isn't just a mission; it’s an affirmation of Thailand's capability to redefine global food industry standards. 

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