CP Kelco completes $60 Million citrus fiber capacity expansion project
Photo - CP Kelco

CP Kelco completes $60 Million citrus fiber capacity expansion project

Strong customer demand & market potential are key drivers behind new production line

CP Kelco, a global leader of nature-based ingredient solutions, has completed a $60 million expansion in production capacity for its citrus fiber product line, based on strong customer demand and market potential. With this significant expansion, the company has ample capacity to support current and future customers’ citrus fiber supply needs.

The production line expansion for NUTRAVA and KELCOSENS Citrus Fiber in the company’s facility in Matão, Brazil, increases the total capacity to approximately 5000 MT, establishing CP Kelco as a leading citrus fiber supplier to food, beverage and consumer product manufacturers worldwide. This expansion provides options to incrementally expand capacity even further in the future based on customer needs.

Launched in 2019, CP Kelco’s citrus fiber products are highly versatile and unique ingredients upcycled from citrus peels, a byproduct of the juicing industry. With the continued growth in consumer demand for clean-label, sustainable products, citrus fiber addresses the need for nature-based and easily recognizable ingredients in a variety of food, beverage and personal care products.

“We are delighted about reaching this important milestone in our growth journey with citrus fiber, which continues to demonstrate tremendous versatility and potential across many application segments and geographic markets,” said Didier Viala, president of CP Kelco. “As a result of strong collaboration amongst our global team members and customers since its commercial launch in 2019, our citrus fiber has evolved into a robust product line with growing interest and demand, especially from those interested in meeting consumers’ needs for sustainably sourced and label-friendly products.”

“We look forward to serving even more customers and application segments with the significant expansion of our citrus fiber production capacity,” Viala added.

NUTRAVA Citrus Fiber supports dietary fiber intake and offers unique water-binding, texturizing and stabilization capabilities in a wide range of food and beverage applications, from condiments, dressings and soups to bakery goods, dairy and plant-based products. In personal care products, KELCOSENS Citrus Fiber serves as a gentle emulsifier alternative, providing stabilization and a light skin feel to help product developers create SENSational textures, from serums to gels and luxe creams.

In 2023, NUTRAVA Citrus Fiber became the first citrus fiber in the industry to achieve upcycled certification from the Upcycled Food Association, now part of WhereFoodComesFrom. Then, in March 2024, KELCOSENS Citrus Fiber won the prestigious Cosmetics & Toiletries Allē Award for best new natural/bio-derived ingredient.

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