Dairy Tech startup NutriMoo ties up with SubhaLaxmi Program

Expands current offerings of daily essentials with same-day delivery
Dairy Tech startup NutriMoo ties up with SubhaLaxmi Program
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Gurgaon-based NutriMoo, a dairy and food-tech startup by Credence Whole Foods, has expanded its current offerings of milk, paneer, curd, and ghee to launch daily essentials such as fresh vegetables, fruits, breads and eggs with same-day delivery. With this, NutriMoo plans to target 30,000 monthly active users (MAUs) from its current 1500 MAUs.

In addition to this, the company started the SubhaLaxmi program for providing entrepreneurial opportunities to women. SubhaLaxmi is led by women who want to make a mark for themselves in society. It is an initiative through which NutriMoo intends to empower women and give back to the community. The program is led by super-women, the SubhaLaxmis, who believe in the power of 'direct-to-kitchen', 'no-compromise food. In her journey, as a keen supporter of the 'fresh and pure' revolution, the app-based dairy brand NutriMoo is enabling her in the mission to bring the joy of great health to families around her. This inspiring initiative is introduced by founders Abhishek Rao and Mayank Arora. The SubhaLaxmi program will run under Somya Satsangi's mentorship, an early-stage investor, and Youdhbir Singh, an expert in warehousing solutions and cold chain logistics.

Abhishek Rao, co-founder and director, Credence Foods, said, "NutriMoo is committed to delivering high-grade quality milk to our communities. We are overwhelmed with the response we have received so far from the customers for NutriMoo. Based on the feedback, we are adding more products to the basket, including fresh vegetables, fruits, and eggs, so that our consumers can enjoy high-quality products delivered on the same day in the comfort of their homes. Together, a revolution is being brought to the kitchens, changing the narrative around health and wellness. NutriMoo and SubhaLaxmis jointly will be leading this food revolution as true partners from day one. SubhaLaxmi is a women-powered opportunity to create a stable, long-lasting income for them and their family. I am confident that the SubhaLaxmi program we have started will help the SubhaLaxmis to support their family financially and develop their management skills."

"We look forward to serving the people and deliver one million orders per month by 31st March 2022. We cherish this partnership and salute the true change-makers of our society."

Mayank Arora, co-founder, & director, Credence Foods, said, "As we all know, digital is the future, so I believe this is what we all are looking for in our busy lives. NutriMoo provides the luxury of ordering daily consumables online and assuring the best quality products. I am sure this is what today's generation is looking for. The products being a need of every household, I suppose there is huge growth capacity for us."

Somya Satsangi, the Investor, said, "At NutriMoo, we deeply appreciate the important role and positive impact women have in making economic decisions, raising a family, and nurturing our communities. Through the SubhaLaxmi initiative, that's key to our supply chain; we are committed to empowering and changing the economic outlook for these women entrepreneurs."

NutriMoo organized an event to recognize and felicitate the contribution of over 200 SubhaLaxmis as part of the joint program.

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