Diageo launches ‘The Magic of Moderate Drinking’ ahead of the festive period

Diageo launches ‘The Magic of Moderate Drinking’ ahead of the festive period
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Diageo, the maker of Guinness, Smirnoff and Johnnie Walker, has launched a new global responsible drinking campaign: ‘The Magic of Moderate Drinking’, that looks to make moderation aspirational and encourages consumers to drink responsibly over the festive period.

The campaign will show consumers that by drinking better, not more, you can savor every moment and occasion. The story is told through a hero film which features Guinness, Johnnie Walker, Tanqueray 0.0 and Seedlip, where our host enables guests to experience the ‘magic of moderate drinking’, and shows how responsible drinking can take many forms for every individual. From spacing your drinks with water or food, having a non-alcoholic option, or measuring your units to help you keep an eye on how much you drink, the guests can all be seen choosing to moderate whilst not having to compromise on the fun.

Made in partnership with Marmalade Film and Media, the global campaign will continue to provide a drumbeat of activity throughout the year. It will be amplified across OOH including in main London underground stations and will feature on Diageo social channels. Amplified across the world, major markets including Great Britain, North America, China and Brazil will tap into moments for moderation throughout the year to share the campaign, from local occasions to key sporting events.

Speaking on the launch, Kate Gibson, global society director, Diageo, said, “I love this campaign as it shows that you don’t have to compromise on fun in order to moderate your drinking. This is challenging outdated perceptions about responsible drinking and demonstrates you can still have a great celebration!”

Claire Eades, chief executive officer of Marmalade Film and Media, said, “This was a really exciting opportunity for Marmalade to collaborate with Diageo to bring a fresh approach to a traditional responsible drinking campaign. Research has shown that people often don’t want to admit to their friends that they are moderating, so we really wanted to help Diageo to shift behaviour and show that moderate drinking is a positive choice that allows everyone to savour the moment and truly celebrate every occasion.”

Supporting the launch of the campaign, Diageo has created a new and refreshed dedicated positive drinking page on its website. The site will be host to resources such as DRINKiQ and demonstrate the latest responsible drinking work from Diageo and its brands.

Diageo is committed to changing the way the world drinks for the better by promoting moderation and addressing the harmful use of alcohol. This is a core pillar of Diageo’s 10-year sustainability plan, Society 2030: Spirit of Progress, which includes an ambition to reach one billion people with messages of moderation by 2030. In September, in line with similar campaigns activated around the world, Diageo also delivered a responsible drinking campaign to coincide with university students starting the new academic year, which ran on digital outdoor sites across campuses in England, Scotland and Wales.

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