Elanpro invests in Icold Refrigeration, specializing in cold chain storage

The company strengthens its business objective & forays into the cold chain storage segment across India
Elanpro invests in Icold Refrigeration, specializing in cold chain storage
Elanpro has taken a majority stake in the company. Photo - Kevin Phillips from Pixabay

Elanpro (Elan Professionals), one of India's leading commercial refrigeration companies, has recently invested in Icold Refrigeration, a company specializing in cold storage. Elanpro has taken a majority stake in the company. Elanpro strengthens its business objective and forays into the cold chain storage segment across India with this investment. Additionally, this will allow Elanpro to significantly add value to its business partner and establish itself as a true comprehensive refrigeration player in India.

Having a dominance in HORECA segments, Icold Refrigeration is one of the leading suppliers of cold or freezer rooms. Working with various leading hotel chains such as Oberoi, ITC, Taj, the company has established a strong foothold across India. The company also has a wide presence in the Middle East, Nepal and Bhutan. Stepping a foot forward, Elanpro has invested in expanding its business outreach in India and paves way to penetrate its presence in the Middle East market. The new reforms and policies and huge traction of tourism have reshaped the Middle East Market, drawing huge attention of foreign investors. Hence, these factors will leverage huge benefits for Elanpro to establish its presence in the overseas market.

In India, the prevalence of cold storage has significantly increased post the launch of Covid-19 vaccines. Being temperature sensitive, these vaccines are prone to be stored in safe, effective and efficient places. Hence, the Government of India and private players have taken a big step in ensuring safety and providing support to smoothen vaccination drives in India. Apart from vaccine storage, cold storage are widely used in retails or the HORECA sector. As per UN approx. 40% of food produced in India is wasted and two of the major contributing factors being inadequate cold storage and transportation systems. Elanpro being into a business of both Horeca and biomedical segment has identified the roadblocks and leaped in investing and acquiring firms showcasing larger impact and potential for growth. For efficient cold storage, there is a need for reliable, safe and potential products embedded with best-in-class technology and upgraded features.

Driven by an overarching mission to offer world-class technology to its end customers, Elanpro has been aggressively focusing on expanding its product portfolio by adding cold chain storage. The corporation actively participated in and invested in Icold Refrigeration to streamline the vaccine storage issue and minimize food or other pharmaceutical product loss.

Ranjan Jain, director at Elanpro, said, "At Elanpro, we aim to expand and grow our business with innovative products and solutions which cater to the demand of our end-consumers. Observing and understanding the importance of cold chain storage, we proactively involved ourselves associating or venture with similar companies. We are excited to announce our association with Icold Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd., which will play a significant role in shaping the future of cold chain storage in India. The industry perspective of the cold chain has been revolutionized and diversified and soon, it will become a trend defining the future of the healthcare system. Additionally, it will also significantly impact hospitality and retail sectors where customers prefer end-to-end Refrigeration solutions from one single vendor partner. At Elanpro, we are continually striving for operational excellence, and we hope that this association will serve as a differentiator."

With Elanpro's decades of expertise in refrigeration technology, the brand offers a range of advanced cold storage solutions. In a bid to strengthen its cold-chain infrastructure, the demand for cold chains has significantly increased.

Recently, Elanpro acquired a 'Smart Monitoring System- Thingif(y) smart hub' from Thingif(y). Thingif(y) is a modular interface that adapts to the needs and requirements of the products. With AI-powered intelligence and an intelligent gateway, the configuration of rules and alerts can be set accordingly and managed via mobile application.

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