Elanpro launches Brand Mascot

Announces foray in Nepal and Bhutan
Elanpro launches Brand Mascot

Emphasizing consolidation, ELANPRO, India’s leading commercial refrigeration company, unveiled its mascot - FROZO. The new brand mascot amalgamates the company’s latest acquisitions and evolution as a holistic B2B solutions provider under a single identity. In-sync with its foray into Nepal and Bhutan, the company envisages enhancing the brand connection with this step.

An expert who is reliable, up-to-date and helpful, Elanpro’s brand mascot - Frozo, is a polar bear in the white and blue brand color scheme. Frozo will debut as a chatbot on the company’s website. The new brand mascot will strengthen the company’s after-sales experience by responding to queries and challenges pertaining to commercial refrigeration products. Frozo’s name was selected by 40,000 fans who joined ‘Name the Mascot’ campaign on the company’s social media page last month.

Speaking about the mascot, Sanjay Jain, director, ELANPRO, said, “For over a decade, we have made customer satisfaction our prime objective. We feel now is the best time to launch our brand mascot as it will help create a connect with the existing and new markets. We expect Frozo to bring a comprehensive familiarity to Elanpro.”

The company will pump in 10% of its annual revenues to capture a 30 million market in Nepal and 15 million in Bhutan by 2023. ELANPRO’s foray into these markets succeeds distribution set-up of the recently acquired cold storage brand - I Cold in Saudi Arabia. Further expansion plans of the company will be subject to the macro-economic and market condition.

ELANPRO has recorded a 49.8% growth in the first eight months of 2022. The new brand identity is expected to increase the purchase intent further. With over 700 selling points in the country, the company plans to double its reach by 2025.

Enhancing its regional footprint, the company recently opened Experience Centers in Hyderabad, Chennai, Vishakhapatnam and Kochi. Elanpro plans to continue its local growth route by adding 50 more experience centers in the next three years.

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