Elanpro launches new variant of pastry display showcase with four side heated glass

Ergonomically designed with eco-friendly features
Elanpro launches new variant of pastry display showcase with four side heated glass

Photo - Elanpro

Staying true to the philosophy of innovation that inspires, one of India’s leading commercial refrigeration companies, Elanpro (Gurugram-based Elan Professional Appliances) brings yet another product for businesses that cater to all the bakers in town by launching their new product, EDC 1500 F3A, under Pastry Display Showcase. Each of our products results from a profound understanding of the Indian consumer needs, addressing the pain points, and optimizing the business for the users. Hence, the newly launched product has a four-side heated glass, which helps in avoiding condensation and enhances energy efficiency by preventing heat transfers.

Further to enhance customers’ experience and maintain hygiene and easy accessibility, one of the key aspects that have been taken care of is the placement of the shelves with an appropriate gap of 8.5 inches. To ensure nothing comes in between the customer and the product from far or near, this gap comes as an adoring and admiring piece on display. This is also important from the point of view of convenience as Cakes are made in different shapes and sizes and it is all which can fit into your display cabinet. These latest variants address that and can easily accommodate all sizes. The technology used ensures that baked goods remain fresh and tasty for long. Further, the variant has been aesthetically designed and adds more prominence to the product.

Enclosed below are the specifications of Elanpro’s Pastry Showcase EDC 1500 F3A:

Post understanding the need gap in commercial refrigerators and freezers, Elanpro designed a user-friendly product giving an aesthetic look ideal for confectionery or bakery stores. The newly launched unit is equipped with energy-efficiency and uniform cooling features that allow the preservation of confectionery items for a longer time.

Commenting on the launch, Sanjay Jain, director, Elanpro, said, “At Elanpro, we constantly strive to meet the needs of our customers. Our latest variant EDC 1500 F3A, under Pastry Display Showcase, brings the best of both worlds by amalgamating cutting-edge technology with great aesthetics. Our focus is to develop new variants and expand our existing product portfolio. The newly launched pastry display showcase has been introduced, keeping in mind the increase in demand for the category in the sector. The key features and design of EDC 1500 F3A will be perfect for any confectionery or bakery store. With this launch, we are expecting to see a significant demand amongst our existing clientele and also hope to see some newer set of clients.”

The display case is transparent and embedded with LED lights, giving it an aesthetic appeal and easily visible products. The showcase also comes with a high-performing compressor that redefines the performance of modern-day refrigerators. This is an eco-friendly refrigerant; the showcase can reduce ozone depletion potential.

Additionally, Elanpro Pastry Display Showcase EDC 1500 F3A has lockable castors that provide easy portability and mobility of the product.

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