Farm to doorstep concept, KisanKonnect is now one year old!
KisanKonnect celebrates its first anniversaryPhoto - KisanKonnect

Farm to doorstep concept, KisanKonnect is now one year old!

A year of healthy, tasty, and quality eating

Known for its unique concept of ‘farm to your doorstep’, the farmer producer company, KisanKonnect successfully celebrates its first anniversary. Since its inception in 2020, as 11 farmers from Srirampur came together to form the brand, KisanKonnect has proved to be one of the dedicated brands that stand tall to deliver safe, fresh, and quality products directly from the farm to the consumer’s doorstep across three cities, Mumbai, Pune, and Srirampur. With its product packaging units in Rahata and Manchar, KisanKonnect has maintained and created goodness of producing organic and hygienic fruits and vegetables that are sourced locally from over 500 farms and is delivered to more than 30,000 consumers across cities. Today, the company has a network of more than 1100 farmers.

With its aim to deliver the freshest produce from the farm, KisanKonnect has effectively sold around 1100 tons of fruits and vegetables via the brand’s eCommerce platform. On a daily basis, KisanKonnect can deliver 30 tons of fruits and vegetables to the consumers. In its one-year journey, the brand has earned and upheld a network of more than 1100 farmers and is a strong family of over 150 employees. KisanKonnect is dedicated to empowering farmer groups holistically, which means farm produce and creating jobs for farmer wives and families by reconnecting people to the roots by getting them original and authentic traditional delicacies of the region. This initiative has given the name “Mom’s Kitchen”.

In Mom’s Kitchen, they make special homemade delicacies such as Chaklis, Chivdas, Shakarpares, and popular sweets such as Karanjis, Besan Laddoo, and Suji Laddoo. According to the company, the plant observes high-quality standards of safety and hygiene.

Speaking on this occasion, Vinod Gunjal, agronomist says, “We are very pleased with the successful spin of KisanKonnect and becoming a pure-play customer engagement and farmer produce company in India. We aim at achieving a milestone in the industry and a well-positioned company in the years to come. We do look forward to associating with numerous farmers across and continue serving the best and the freshest produce to our end users.”

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