FarmERP appoints industry veterans Mahesh Jadhav and Vivek Pawar to advisory board

FarmERP appoints industry veterans Mahesh Jadhav and Vivek Pawar to advisory board
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FarmERP, the pioneering Agritech firm and one of the earliest enterprises in the world to bring technology to agriculture, has announced the appointment of Mahesh Jadhav and Vivek Pawar to its advisory board. This move aims to bolster the company's strategic vision for a technology-intensive transformation of agriculture and agribusiness.

Mahesh Jadhav brings 28 years of experience and currently holds a senior position in the Private Equity Group at Mubadala Capital, a renowned sovereign wealth fund. His expertise lies in scaling businesses and fostering strategic growth, with significant investments in software, SaaS, and tech-enabled services firms. Mahesh's deep interest in digital technology and AI aligns well with FarmERP's vision for driving innovation in the agricultural sector.

Vivek Pawar, with over 30 years of executive management roles in the Semiconductor Industry, brings insights and global reach gained from successfully leading the transformation of Sankalp Semiconductor into a renowned brand. His expertise will be invaluable in guiding FarmERP's expansion into global markets and the HiTech industry.

Both Mahesh and Vivek will focus on driving FarmERP's global scaling efforts, guiding product development initiatives, and optimizing operational processes. Their involvement empowers FarmERP's growth and transformative potential in Agriculture industries.

"We are glad to have both industry veterans join our Advisory board. Their expertise will play a pivotal role in advising and mentoring FarmERP on crucial matters that shape the company's future. Their visionary leadership and passion for technology-driven solutions will undoubtedly empower FarmERP to revolutionize agriculture and make a meaningful impact on farming communities worldwide. The company looks forward to harnessing its expertise to create sustainable and technology-driven solutions that will make a meaningful impact on farming communities across the globe. With their invaluable guidance, we are confident that FarmERP will continue to emphasize the 3Ps – productivity, profitability and predictivity of global farming business," Sanjay Borkar, chief executive officer and co-founder, FarmERP.

In line with FarmERP's commitment to innovation, its flagship offering FarmGyan includes leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AI, ML, Computer Vision, and Deep Learning to empower users in making precise decisions. The platform's distinctive features extend to Climate Smart Advisory, Pest Disease Detection, food safety, traceability and regenerative agriculture. 

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