Fortune Rice & partner to elevate crop management through satellite technology and Fortune Rice join forces to enhance paddy crop monitoring through satellite technology and AI-driven insights, revolutionizing precision agriculture
Fortune Rice & partner to elevate crop management through satellite technology
Photo - WangXiNa on Freepik, India’s largest and only profitable grain platform, is proud to announce a strategic collaboration with Fortune Rice aimed at advancing crop monitoring capabilities for the agricultural industry. This collaboration will leverage's cutting-edge satellite surveillance product, combined with Fortune Rice's expertise in agriculture, to enhance the monitoring and growth of paddy crops.

As part of this collaboration, Fortune Rice Limited will provide details of 2000 acres of farmland under monitoring. will provide comprehensive insights into crop health and growth patterns, empowering farmers, and agribusinesses with data-driven decision-making tools.

One of the key highlights of this collaboration is the integration of's Artificial Intelligence and satellite surveillance solutions to enable access to rich datasets, detailed maps, and a secure application programming interface (API) designed to streamline data retrieval. This will facilitate real-time monitoring and analysis of their subscribed districts, villages and blocks, ensuring a deeper understanding of crop performance. This will enable early detection of anomalies in the monitored farmland and the required active measures in irrigation fertilization and pest control to increase the operational efficiency and increased yield of the crop. Furthermore, this will be done through a user-friendly mobile.

"We are excited about our collaboration with Fortune Rice, which represents a significant step towards optimizing crop management," said Anand Chandra, co-founder and executive director of "Together, we will transform the way farmers and agribusinesses monitor and manage their crops, ensuring food security and sustainable agricultural practices."

Jai Kumar Gupta, executive director at Fortune Rice, stated, "We are delighted about our collaboration with, which represents a big step towards modernizing agriculture. Through this collaboration, we will be able to monitor and improve the performance of our paddy crops by utilizing cutting-edge technologies. We hope to promote sustainable agriculture, assure food security and provide farmers with useful data-driven insights.”

Fortune Rice's commitment to harnessing innovative technology aligns perfectly with's mission to revolutionize agriculture through data-driven solutions. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the journey toward a more sustainable and productive agricultural sector.

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