Get the scoop of innovation with Elanpro ice cream scooping parlour

The company introduces a new product for ice-cream sellers with a flair for flavors
Get the scoop of innovation with Elanpro ice cream scooping parlour
Photo - Elanpro

India is one of the fastest-growing ice-cream markets. In 2022, soaring mercury levels, changing, food habits, and increased urbanization had a positive impact on the 9000-crore industry.

However, united by the love for ice-cream, the country stands divided in its love for flavors. While flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and butterscotch are still the favorites, pan, blueberry and coconut are grabbing consumers’ attention. And this leaves ice cream sellers with a problem of choice.

Catering to the booming demand for ice cream flavors, Elanpro, a commercial refrigeration company, recently introduced Scooping Parlor. The contemporary product provides a flexible way to optimize display and increase ROI (return of investment).

According to the company, Elanpro Scooping Parlor is designed to maintain the aesthetics of the outlet while retaining the properties of ice cream. The product allows a temperature range from -16 to - 24 degrees Celsius keeping the ice cream-related food-borne diseases at bay and taste intact. A thoughtfully designed product, it has well-spaced trays for tidy storage of frozen treats. Equipped with a glass top, the product offers an effective display of up to twelve flavors. The user-friendly, low-maintenance product comes with a temperature display and bottom trap door for easy access.

Giving an edge and opportunity to Ice cream parlors, cafes, hotels, and restaurants, Elanpro Scooping Parlor helps display variants such as low carb, vegan, allergen-free, favorites, and trends simultaneously.

From flavor alternatives to temperature monitoring, Elanpro Scooping Parlor ensures quality, durability, consistency, and an aesthetic impact on the upbeat market. Available in four sizes – 235l, 325l, 415l, and 575l, the product allows the ice cream seller to meet consumer’s changing preferences.

The product is now available at all Elanpro Dealer Stores including the recently opened Elanpro Experience Centers in Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, and Vijayawada. Visit for more details.

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