Goose Fly and AnyMaint announce strategic partnership

Goose Fly and AnyMaint announce strategic partnership

Goose Fly and AnyMaint are pleased to announce their global strategic collaboration. It is a collaboration between Goose Solutions, an innovative, technology-driven startup offering one-stop plant care solutions to the food processing industry, and AnyMaint, which can provide any machine-operating business with the ability to take proactive actions to prevent unplanned downtime and ensure facility operation is easy and efficient.

With technology playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of today's world, especially business, companies recognize that they need to accelerate the development of digital solutions to ensure they remain in the competitive vanguard. Goose Fly, in collaboration with AnyMaint, saves up to 70% of predictive maintenance platforms to increase the machine uptime of food processing plants.

AnyMaint in Action

  • Create a visual maintenance map, presenting assets hierarchy, data, and alerts

  • Create and execute a proactive maintenance plan, avoid 70% of failures

  • If the failure occurs, get an alert immediately from team members, IOT devices or WhatsApp

  • Summarize maintenance activity in simple and powerful charts, leading to continuous improvement action

  • Enjoy one platform for all activities real-time reporting, proactive management, and advanced analytic for better decision-making and knowledge sharing.

This strategic collaboration will help the food and beverage processing companies to increase profitability, optimize maintenance operations, avoid the risk of unplanned downtime, maximize machine uptime, reduce maintenance costs, increase productivity, optimize maintenance operations, improve safety & efficiency, and make better data-driven decisions.

About Goose

Goose, an innovative, technology driven startup, offers cloud-based maintenance management packages, predictive maintenance packages for food processing plants with advanced automation services. Further, it offers maintenance, management & consultancy services with the help of highly skilled team of professionals.

Goose is a professionally managed company with a pool of self-motivated experts as the core team with dedicated and highly qualified engineers as an operational team and committed skilled techno-crafts as managers with a corporate team ensuring efficient implementation and execution. Several international associations enhanced the team's strength in offering world-class technologies and its ability to serve the industry with innovative industrial solutions.

About AnyMaint

AnyMaint, is one platform for all activities real-time reporting, proactive management, predictive maintenance and advanced analytics for better decision-making and knowledge sharing.

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