House of Skull X expands its footprint to Punjab

The triple distilled vodka will be available in 3 flavors including Cranberry, Glaze ice and Green apple
House of Skull X expands its footprint to Punjab
Photo - House of Skull X

Premium vodka brand - Skull X announces the launch of Skull X edition 2 in Punjab. House of Skull X is known for its carefully crafted collection of spirits that cater to a variety of tastes and people’s preferences. With this new specially curated Skull X edition 2, the brand is set to woo the connoisseurs in Punjab. This newly launched edition will be available in Jalandhar, Kapurthala, Nawanshahar, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Patiala, and Mohali.

Roshini Nath, chairperson, House of Skull X, sharing her thoughts about the launch said, “We at Skull X are excited to give this product our best shot. The company plans to associate the brand with today’s youth and hence would do all the marketing activities around the same audience in mind. Our product always boasts of a remarkable clarity, a feature we wish to emphasize through our label design. While other companies typically use paper labels that obscure the product, we have opted for transparent labels. This choice aligns with consumers' expectations of vodka being crystal clear, thereby providing greater transparency.”

The newly launched Skull X edition 2 is unique in many ways. In contrast to the standard dual-distillation method commonly employed by most companies for filtration, the Skull X edition 2 employs a triple-distillation approach. This additional filtration effectively eliminates any residual coarseness, resulting in a refined product which excels in taste and texture. The product has been especially crafted by a distinguished industry expert, Surinder Kumar. He is known for his expertise in creating blends like Indri, Camicara and many more. The Skull X edition 2 holds the ENA (Extra Neutral Alcohol) grade above 9 on the 1-10 scale, a meticulous measure taken to preserve the aroma, taste, and overall sensory experience of the product. Next in the production process, the brand carefully selects and incorporates ingredients, including reputed flavorings to create high-quality flavors.

The product will soon also be available in Delhi NCR. Priced at INR 700 for a 750ML bottle, Skull X edition 2 is bound to be a favorite drink for many, primarily because of its excellent taste and youth appeal.

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