JustMyRoots submits two major patents along with CFTRI that profess to be game changers in the Food Delivery Space

Samiran Sengupta, chief executive officer and founder, JustMyRoots
Samiran Sengupta, chief executive officer and founder, JustMyRootsPhoto - JustMyRoots

JustMyRoots are pioneers in Intercity Perishable Food Delivery (web and app), connecting people to their roots. When people move from their city to a new place, it is difficult to accept the new culture and its taste. For all of them who miss their home and home-cooked food, JustMyRoots will deliver you the essence of your culture and love from home, all packed in delicious food and more. They are currently working with 600+ top brands with a premium portfolio of 7,500+ products and are delivering 30+ cities across Metros, Tier1 and Tier2 cities, and expanding. JustMyRoots has announced the submission of their two revolutionary patents that are going to change the course of the food delivery industry.

JustMyRoots, along with CSIR-CFTRI (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) (Central Food Technological Research Institute), have developed Biodegradable thermo-stable containers for cold and hot supply chains for food products. The containers developed for hot food chain supply are capable of keeping perishable food hot between 42-65 degrees Celsius for up to ten hours. This technology will reform food delivery for restaurants located ten-plus km away or even in another city. The technology used for cold supply chain containers is capable of keeping perishable food fresh for up to 72 hours by maintaining its temperature between two-eight degrees Celsius. The new technology will help JustMyRoots to expand its services both domestically and internationally. They already use a state-of-the-art packaging system that keeps the flavors intact and a cooling system that stores the food at two-eight degrees Centigrade, keeping the food fresh without preservatives for up to 24 hours.

Samiran Sengupta, chief executive officer and founder, JustMyRoots is an alumnus of IIM-A and IMD Lausanne. He has held many global and regional roles in Shell and Reckitt Benckiser in the area of Supply Chain and Business Processes. He is experienced in Building Technology based Supply Chains and Demand Management Enterprise Applications. He says, “With JustMyRoots you are never away from either your favorite restaurant or the nostalgic dish cooked by your mom, we have perfected the art of intercity perishable food delivery without adding preservatives or freezing the food. Our two new patents are going to allow us to expand our horizon domestically and intdernationally."

With the new packaging, JustMyRoots will pick up the food from the restaurant in the original restaurant container and transports it to the JustMyRoots office, where it would be placed in thermo-stable, biodegradable, reusable packaging and air shipped to the receiving city. The order is picked up from the airport and delivered to the customer by a delivery agent in the receiving city.

The technologies that are available in the market are rigid non-biodegradable containers that are not suitable for reverse logistics and therefore do not help in reducing carbon footprint, nor are they capable of holding food at the required temperatures for as long as JustMyRoots is offering. This technology invented by JustMyRoots will significantly change the look at take-out food.

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