Kanchan Metals offers end-to-end solutions to food processors
Kanchan Metals offers complete solutions to the needs of food processing companies in IndiaPhoto - Kanchan Metals

Kanchan Metals offers end-to-end solutions to food processors

Plans to come with a new machine manufacturing plant in 2022

Greater Noida-based Kanchan Metals (KMPL) is dedicated to offering end-to-end solutions to India's food processing companies. The company was established in 1984 as an international trading company in non-ferrous metals out of Kolkata and promoted by Sanjeev Gupta, director, Kanchan Metals, and his brother. Speaking of the company's journey to date, Gupta said, "We became technology partners for leading food producers in India and started offering customization solutions, automation-related technologies, and new products. In 2012 we started our snack food manufacturing plant as a third-party manufacturer for ITC. Later in 2020, we started another unit for ITC for Indian ethnic namkeens."

From humble beginnings in the late '90s, Kanchan Metals has entered the food processing machinery space as a sourcing agent for India's food processors. The company partnered with renowned international food processing equipment manufacturers to offer the Indian market quality equipment and after-sales services of the highest standard.

Manufacturing plants and product portfolio

Kanchan Metals has 20 years of experience in the automation of various international and regional snack food products machines. The company owns three plants at Greater Noida, UP. Snack food and Indian namkeens plants for ITC have large capacities and employ approximately 400 persons. "The plant and machinery are best in class available globally and are automated with no human intervention. Our processes, establishments are ISO 22000 certified, and we employ highly skilled manpower. The combined space occupation for both these plants is 5.5 acres with a built-up space of 175000 square feet," added Gupta.

Sanjeev Gupta, director, Kanchan Metals
Sanjeev Gupta, director, Kanchan Metals Photo - Kanchan Metals

The equipment and engineering plant are combined with KMPL's corporate office. According to Gupta, the main strength of the company is its technical capability. KMPL employs close to 50 qualified engineers for all its operations. This plant employs close to 75 persons, and the space occupied is close to 25000 square feet.

Gupta mentioned that KMPL machines are application-oriented and customized based on customer needs. He said, "Our approach is application-oriented; therefore, costs are always customer friendly. The cost of our machines is in general 30-40% less of imported machines and the utility is well appreciated by our customers."

Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the business

The last year has been very tough for many businesses due to Covid-19 and lockdown restrictions. Speaking of the company, Gupta stated that KMPL being in the food space, all its businesses have shown growth and added, "Although we were closed due to government restrictions for some time. As a result, we maintained the year 2019-20 levels in 2020-21 in 10 months working. Pandemic showed a more cost-effective way of working and creating new products that are more relevant to hygiene and automation. Overall, apart from health and social life issues, the business has been growing."

In addition, KMPL also started eMarketing just before the pandemic and created its in-house team. "The pandemic situation gave a fillip to augment eMarketing efforts and helped us to increase our sales. Because of which 2020-21 has been the best year for equipment marketing ever in the history of our such activity," he revealed.

Demand for customized automated solutions

The covid-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to bring changes in their business models; for example, due to the labor shortage and social distancing norms, processors are now shifting towards automation of their processes. KMPL has also observed a rise in demand for automation in their machines. The company has implemented such in its snack food manufacturing plant and has made many customized automated solutions. "Demand for such solutions has increased manifold, and we have increased our resources in designing and manufacturing as well towards this objective," told Gupta.

After-sales services

Gupta believes in a satisfied customer from all perspectives. According to him, a repeat order is the best growth and acceptance. "The customer has to feel and think of us as a reliable supplier. Hence, from early 2000, we started building our team of service engineers. At that time, we were the first company to have its service team for imported machines. Now we have a strong team, and all of them are very well qualified and trained overseas." KMPL offers services in different parts of the country to reach and serve the customer in the shortest possible time.

Expansion – New machine manufacturing plant

In 2020, KMPL started a new plant for Indian namkeen manufacturing for ITC. In the machinery business, the company expanded its service team, marketing team, and production team. In April 2021, KMPL started its second shift in machinery manufacturing and expanded resources of manpower by 50%."

In addition, KMPL has purchased a new site in Yeida near the Jewar Airport area and expects the same to be in its possession in 2022 first half. "We will expand our machinery manufacturing activity on that site with a more modern and state-of-the-art plant. This plant, which would be double the present plant's size, will be in operation in the 2023 first half. Thereafter, in the present plant, we plan to set up another unit in the food processing space as well in 2023-24," he concluded.

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