Lamipak announces site expansion at its Kunshan Factory

Lamipak will Invest over 400 million USD into its new expansion, which will also include a new R&D center and automated warehouse
Lamipak announces site expansion at its Kunshan Factory
Photo - Lamipak

Lamipak, one of the industry leaders in providing high-quality products and solutions in aseptic packaging, officially announced the expansion of its Kunshan site in China. The groundbreaking ceremony will mark a significant milestone for Lamipak, once the construction is complete, the existing site capacity will be expanded from 12 billion packs per annum to 39 billion.

Lamipak’s expansion project will be built on the same site as the Kunshan headquarters which is located just 80km away from Shanghai’s international ports. The site is scheduled for commissioning by April 2023 and will help meet the growing market demand for aseptic packaging. It will also house a new R&D center that will have a floor space of 6,200 meters squared covering three stories to develop the next generation of sustainability products that will both bring down our carbon footprint by 50% and make our products 100% recyclable, this not only covers the aseptic carton packaging but the entire food packaging segment. In addition, it will also have an automated warehouse that is located on the same plot of land that will use the latest technology to streamline and expedite the on-site production process.

Designed with sustainability in mind to reduce its carbon footprint, the automated warehouse will have a solar array installed on its rooftop to reduce its energy dependency on non-renewable resources, and will also be repeated for all future new buildings.

Anil Kaul, vice chairman, Lamipak, said, “As the world shifts towards a future where demand is increasing for more innovation in packaging, Lamipak is committed to investing into developing the next generation of sustainability products through its R&D center that not only reduces its impact on the environment but also can create circular economies for future generations to come. The expansion will set a new chapter for the company as we begin to diversify our products to increase our range of sustainable packaging solutions for the consumer”

Song Jun, general manager, Lamipak, commented, “Lamipak’s expansion plans mark another significant milestone in our company’s growth, as it brings our vision of becoming the world leader in the packaging food industry one step closer. Our Phase two expansion will boost our existing site capacity from 12 billion packs per annum to 39 billion, but also will bring a new era of automated features to streamline and increase the energy efficiency of our production processes. I’d like to thank the government’s support and Lamipak’s project team for the rapid progress in getting the expansion project off the ground in helping us turn our goals into a reality.”

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